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Rogers, Bell & Telus 3G / 4G LTE Data Plans For New iPad

by on March 7th, 2012

Tim Cook announced during today’s keynote that Rogers, Bell & Telus will be Apple’s LTE partners in Canada for the new iPad. Just moments ago, the “big 3” carriers have revealed their 3G and 4G LTE iPad data plans as the new iPad pre-orders have already gone live in the Canadian online Apple Store. To reserve your new iPad right now (which begins shipping on March 16th), simply head over to this link, select your preferred iPad Color, capacity and then choose from Wifi only or 3G/4G LTE model to select from your carrier’s data plan.

Below are the 3G / 4G LTE data plans for new iPad:

In case you missed it, Apple has also lowered the prices of all iPad 2 models with 16GB Wifi model now selling for $419 in Canada.

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  • ariel

    I wonder if I could use a my 3G micro SIM to get 4G with Fido?

  • jstg674

    does anybody know if they will allow the iPad to be used as a hotspot like the iPhone?

  • We’re going to find out.

  • jstg674

    haha yeah… like usual, the websites of Rogers / Bell / Telus are never giving pertinent information until days after the announcement… anyhow,  I took a leap of faith and ordered my “new iPad” anyway… let’s hope it will work! 😉

  • That’s the only thing I was wondering too! I’m skeptical about our carriers & the “4G” tag! I know LTE is real but that has more to do with different types of data being used at the same time! I’m concerned that we’ll get HSPA+ instead of actual 4G.

  • guest

    does anyone know if the physical dimensions are the same, will iPad 2 accessories be compatible with the new iPad?

  • D R

    That’s amazing.  All that competition, and all three carriers just happen to come up with the same data limits and pricing.  It’s almost like they all got together ahead of time and decided on these pricing levels together.

  • john28998

     I’m pretty sure you need an updated SIM Card. But as long as you’re in the coverage area, I don’t see it was HSPA+, but instead as the LTE (one of the reasons all carriers upgraded their networks)

  • WIND Mobile is also LTE, isn’t it? So they should support the new iPad with their cheap unlimited data plan. 

  • Wind and T-Mobile use the AWS band (which requires 1700/2100) probably won’t find out if actually supports AWS or just 700 (Bell/Telus) and 2100-only (Rogers) LTE. These are also not the only bands the Canadian carriers use, but they are the only ones Apple currently support.

  • ACltd

    I called bell and asked what would happen if I got the tablet share plan for $10/mo on my 6 GB 3G iPhone plan. If the iPad would only use 3G and if I would need to get its own dedicated plan to take advantage of LTE. The lady said that for $10/mo the tablet will use the highest speed available, including LTE for no additional charge.

    Let’s hope she knows what she is talking about, and/or they don’t change their mind.

  • Tim

    Does anyone know if  LTE standards are the same with all 3 Canadian carriers? Say I buy an iPad with a Bell SIM card, can I switch over to Rogers later and use their LTE network? Or does each Canadian carrier have its own version of the iPad? Also, are any of the Canadian LTE networks compatible with AT&T or Verizon?

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  • Dezimieren

    The new iPad will work on the big 3’s LTE networks. You will have to get a carrier specific LTE sim card though for each of their networks.

    As for the US carriers, your Canadian iPad is identical to the AT&T iPad because both use GSM. It will not work with Verizon because their iPad uses CDMA.

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  • Matt

    You cannot tether with Bell’s ipad flex plan. We got our bill and extra charges for tethering. Bell’s customer service is the worst, we have been fighting the charges for hours on the phone. So beware, it is not true that tethering is free, Bell does charge for tethering with the ipad!!