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Rogers & Bell iPad 3G Data Plan Clarifications (Updated with Telus)

by on May 27th, 2010

On the eve of the iPad launch in Canada, the following information includes some Q&A regarding the Bell, Rogers, and Telus iPad 3G data plans and various conditions surrounding those packages.

iPad 3G Q&A


1.) Where can I purchase my iPad 3G?

Both the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G may be purchased through Apple Stores, Apple Online Stores, and select Apple Resellers in Canada. Contact your local Apple Store/Reseller for availability.

2.) Who are the available iPad 3G wireless carriers in Canada and what are the plans?

At this time, Rogers, Bell, and Telus are the three wireless carriers supporting the iPad 3G in Canada.

The iPad 3G plans from Rogers:

  • 250MB: $15.00/month
  • 5GB: $35/month
  • Unlimited access to Rogers/Fido WiFi hotspots

The iPad 3G plans from Bell:

  • 250MB: $15.00/month
  • 5GB: $35/month
  • Unlimited access to Bell WiFi hotspots

The iPad 3G plan from Telus:

  • 500MB: $20.00/month
  • 5GB: $50.00/month
  • Overage Fee: $0.05/MB up to a maximum of $30 for a total of $50 per month
  • Note: Overage fee is capped at $30 for a total of $50 per month ($20 plan + $30 overage fee). The data is also capped at 5GB.

3.) Where can I purchase a MicroSIM card?

If your iPad 3G did not come with a MicroSIM card, or you need a replacement, MicroSIM cards may be purchased directly from Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility or Telus locations across Canada or from each carriers website.

If you bought your iPad 3G outside of Canada, head down to your local Rogers, Bell, or Telus location to purchase a MicroSIM card for use in Canada.

Alternatively, you can go to the Apple Store and get the MicroSIM card for free (one per customer).

Data Plans

4.) How do I order a data plan for my iPad 3G?

The iPad data plans, available from Rogers, Telus, or Bell, are for use specifically in the iPad 3G. These iPad 3G data plans can only be activated using the Self Activation process on the iPad 3G (Telus/Bell not supported at this time). In other words, don’t call Rogers but do call Telus, or Bell.

The monthly data plan charge will be billed to the customers credit card every 30 days unless the data plan is cancelled. Further, both data plans from either carrier have no contracted terms and may be cancelled at any time.

5.) How do I cancel my iPad 3G Data Plan from Rogers, Telus or Bell?

If you wish to cancel your data plan, you must complete the cancellation process, or your credit card will continue to be charged at the end of each 30-day cycle.

To complete the cancellation process, tap the Settings icon on your iPad 3G home screen, then tap on Cellular Data, and then tap View Account.

At this time for Telus/Bell, call your respective carrier.

6.) What happens if I use up my data plan before the 30-days are over?

For Rogers and Bell, if the data plan amount is used up before the 30-days are over, you will no longer be able to access the Internet through the 3G cellular connection until you refill the iPad 3G data plan.

For Telus, customers will pay $0.05/MB overage fee for every megabyte over 500MB to a maximum of $30 in overage fees. The data is capped at 5GB.

Users will be presented with a choice to purchase another 30-days of the same size data plan or they can switch to a different size data plan. If you opt for the latter point, your new billing cycle begins the day of this purchase.

Users can also decide not to sign up for another plan, in which case the existing data plan will be replenished at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

7.) What happens to unused data? Does it roll over to the next month?

*laughs* This is Rogers, Bell, and Telus we’re talking about here. No roll over data.

8.) Can I purchase another data plan before my current data limit is met?

Yes, additional data can be purchased by tapping the Settings icon on your iPad 3G home screen, then tap on Cellular Data, and then tap View Account.

For Telus and Bell users, you will have to contact Telus or Bell to top-up.

If a new data plan is purchased before the existing one has been used up, any data that is remaining on the current data plan will be stacked to the newly purchased plan and the 30-day billing cycle will be reset to the date that the current data was purchased on.

9.) Can I share my iPad 3G data plan with another device?

The quick answer: No.

The better answer: Follow the steps below (will work with both the iPad 3G or iPad WiFi):

1.) Get an iPhone and ensure you have a data plan on your iPhone

2.) Jailbreak the iPhone using the following 30-second process, CLICK HERE

3.) After jailbreak, open the Cydia application on your iPhone home screen.

4.) Search Cydia for “MyWi (No Rock)”. Purchase it for $9.95 (they accept PayPal).

5.) Install MyWi, follow the prompts (will require resprings and agreeing to some terms).

6.) Setup MyWi on the iPhone and enable WiFi Tethering within the app.

7.) Get your iPad and connect to the WiFi network created by your iPhone

8.) You are now tethering your iPhone data plan to the iPad. Win.

10.) How do I track my iPad 3G data usage?

Data can be tracked by tapping the Settings icon on your iPad 3G home screen, then tap on Cellular Data, and then tap View Account. Rogers will also provide data alerts at the 20%, 10% and 0% mark of your remaining data plan amount.

At this time, Bell and Telus do not provide data alerts but Telus has an application in the works.

Also, there are general apps that users can download to track data usage.

11.) Is tethering supported on the iPad?

See question 9 above.

12.) Can I use my iPad 3G outside of Canada on other cellular wireless networks?

The iPad 3G, as a device, will be able to connect to other WiFi and cellular wireless networks outside of Canada but your Bell, Telus or Rogers data plan will not work.

To use a cellular wireless network outside of Canada, visit a local wireless carrier who supports MicroSIM cards in which ever country you are in.

For example, in the USA, AT&T is the provider.

Service & Support

13.) Where can I get my iPad serviced?

The iPad WiFi or iPad 3G are serviced at your local Apple Retail Store or Authorized Apple Repair Center.

Rogers, Telus and Bell locations across Canada will not carry, service, or accept returns of either iPad model. Rogers, Telus and Bell will only carry the required MicroSIM cards for the iPad 3G.

14.) Who can I call for Technical Support?

For iPad hardware, software, or applications, contact your local Apple Store, Apple Authorized Repair Center or AppleCare.

For data plan problems and 3G connectivity issues, contact Rogers, Telus or Bell.

15.) Where can I update the software of my iPad WiFi or iPad 3G?

Using the iPad sync cable, plug your iPad into a Mac or PC and launch iTunes.

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  • yvrgal

    Who needs this when there's MyWi? 🙂

  • Hiro

    I have a Touch Pro with a custom ROM which gives the phone wireless ad-hoc capabilities. But I am willing to try it out just to see how much data I consume ad if 5 GB is enough. I highly doubt this considering how much youtube I watch but we'll see.

  • iMat

    As per question 1.) Where can I purchase my iPad 3G? Is it not going to be sold at Futureshop or BestBuy?

  • Mega

    You probably wouldn't like the quality of youtube over 3G (Apple has consciously cut down the quality to improve bandwidth). Most people would be using WiFi on this device probably 80% of the time. 5GB might be plenty for the average user.

  • Future Shop and Best Buy have confirmed they will be selling the iPad tomorrow.

  • It really comes down to the user and how they use their iPad. I use my iPad over WiFi 90% of the time, but having a 3G model would be amazing for travelling.

  • Tom

    Great article. Thanks for the info!!!

  • MYD

    So basically if I get the rogers plan I get data. And if I get the bell plan I get data + free wifi at starbucks. Why would I go rogers?

  • Pharmguy

    Anyone have any idea how to tether via a blackberry bold 9700?

  • Maly

    I called Rogers, they told me that I get with iPad 3G plan free wifi .

  • wildguess

    Create a Starbucks account and you will have free wifi at Starbucks without any plan.

  • thedigitalinkartist

    I'm curious about one thing mentioned…

    It says will bill credit card? Can I not simply have my iPad data plan included in my month Bell bill that I receive for my other services… and pay from epost/bank account?

    Surely they wouldn't make this credit card only?

    As well, I checked with my local Bell mobility dealer… they don't have any microSIM cards! 🙁 gggrrrr

  • shylock

    Can you clarify #6? Cant we use this tactic as a means of rolling over on the 29th day?

  • MYD

    That's for 2 hours. After which you need another account.

  • T Whelan

    I'm concerned about questions 3 and 12.
    The answer to question 3 implies that a different MicroSIM card is needed between Canada and the US.
    The answer to question 12 seems to say otherwise.
    I'm looking for some clarification.

  • xyber

    Just came back from Best Buy Yonge & Dundas. They have Bell, Rogers and Telus microSIMs in stock but they are not selling them till tomorrow.

    The guy told me that Telus has a 500MB data plan for $15 but their 5GB plan is like $50.

  • Rogers also offers free Wi-Fi, but at their own Wi-Fi hotspots, which aren't Starbucks locations. I guess it depends on whether you're a Starbucks lover or not?

  • Ian2301

    I picked up a Bell MicroSIM, for $10 + taxes – BestBuy tonight. They didn't hesitate to sell the card. I was advised to call Bell to acivate, but after three hand-offs it was determined that Best Buy should have provided me with a phone number. Bell can set me up but they aren't prepared to activate me until 28th.
    The Bell SIM loaded, detected the 3G network and Bell confirmed they could see my iPad on the network. They just couldn't activate the data plan till tomorrow.

  • stonee

    Are you sure that “Apple has consciously cut down the quality to improve bandwidth”? We know one of the most outstanding feature of ipad is high resolution, which is better than iphone and ipod.

  • anony

    What do you guys think the lineups will be like at Bestbuy and Future Shop?
    Bestbuy doesn't open until 10am in Richmond, BC.
    I was planning on being there around 7:30ish.
    Do you guys think that's early enough?

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  • Just got THE email from apple that my ipad is not coming today.

    While the fedex system tells me in is in Memphis it is acutally in a Container in Toronto and even though apple tells us they try to deliver on the 29tth the fedex laddy i talked about did not find anything in her system to prove that so she says it will be monday.

    On the phone to apple now 🙁 very very sad.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Thanks for the post – I was wondering about these items today as I wait for my 3G iPad. Fed Ex said anytime after 11:30. !!

  • ariPad

    Just bought the 32GB WiFi + 3G at the Eaton Centre Apple Store. They gave me both the Rogers and Bell SIMs. Which one should I use? I read somewhere that Bell 3G is faster and they also offer the Bell TV app until August, plus free WiFi at Starbucks. Is this true? Is the TV app good? Anyone?

  • Mike Lawrence

    I suggest everyone contact the competition bureau and report this clear collusion. Here is the link:

    And here is a copy of a message I just sent:

    Hi there,

    I believe that Rogers Canada and Bell Canada are in collusion to fix the pricing on iPad 3G data services. Both companies offer 2 plans, each plan has a price and a data volume; despite the wide range of pairings of price/volume values they could have chosen, both companies are offering an identical set of plans:

    Plan 1: 250MB @ $15.00/month
    Plan 2: 5GB @ $35/month

    This seems like a clear-cut case of collusion and needs to be addressed immediately given the sheer volume of consumers that are seeking plans now that they iPad is now available in Canada.

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  • Randy

    The FAQ says that for all three carriers you have to activate and/or cancel on the device. That is only true for Rogers at the moment. Bell says it should be coming within a month or so, TELUS… Who knows. Their plan isn't even on their website yet but it is definitely not able to be activated on-device.

  • What the hell? There is NO real competition here. How amazing is that? Three different companies and they're all operating in lock-step with each other. (Well Telus is actually offering a shell game which will net them more). This is just ridiculous.

    I think I may follow Mike Lawrence's advise.

  • CDA

    I notice this plan is better than the 3g Mobile Internet plans they offer for the Rogers Rocket Stick/Fido/Telus/Bell.
    For 1gb of data, it is $35-37 per month. But this iPad for 6gb plan is cheaper.

    Is it possible to get a micro-sim, activate it somehow with the ipad 6gbplan, and then slide it into an adapter to become normal sim so I can get the better plan? Or will the telecom find out that the device used is not an iPad?

    It is unfair that the exact same service for another device gets more bandwidth and is cheaper by a whole lot.

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  • Reginald

    Guys, from now on there is no need to sign up for two Ipad microsim plans! A week ago I bought the micro sim adapter from http://www.gomicrosim.com, and now I can use one micro sim card for all apple stuff and other mobile phones. Costs only 4.5 EUR. Really worth it. Should save me 1440$, since now i have no need to sign for another 2 years plan with AT&T. Highly recommend this seller, his price and delivery options are the best so far.

  • Yes, you can buy at FS and BB!

  • Rando

    -If you think 1024×768 is 'high resolution', you really don't know much about computing.

    But you're an Apple user so I guess that figures.

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  • Joomia

    You cant cancel Bell without calling them, waiting on hold and being transferred many many times

  • Joomia

    Bell has no options on the iPad for monitoring usage or making account changes etc. I have been on hold for 45 minutes and have been transferred five times so far and still have not managed to cancel the service.

  • Sorry to say, but the apple store sells that sim card for 20 cents.

  • Fronnzy

    just got the gizmo- was pretty sure I would go with rogers, your post confirmed. Thanks.

  • Upsetasheck

    they say you can cancel 3g service, and that you don’t need a contract, well they are both 1/2 lies, the easiest way, is, to get a small c/c from you’r bank and give the media companies only that link to you and when you don’t need the service anymore than cancel the c/c, I lived in a 3 world country, and phone systems in Canada are 100 years behind time in technology, in Belize you walk into any gas station buy usage time and walk out in 3 minutes without telling them anything but you’r device # and amount of usage buying.

  • Ben Hole

    In Moncton NB, you can’t get a SIM Card at Bell stores or Rogers. They will send you to Future Shop on Plaza Boulevard. Don’t believe whatever they tell you on the phone at Bell or Rogers about the 3G service. Everyone has their own story. Took me 4 hours from the time I was sent away from Bell to Future Shop (1/2 hour wait) to the moment my card was activated. Must say I have no information about Telus.

  • D-Mac

    Yes – the iPad worked well in Europe – so well that I gave it away. NOW – how do I cancel the (Rogers) data plan (since it can apparently only be done from the iPad) ? MUCH appreciate any suggestions – I haven’t clue !

  • Ex

    The plan ends automatically after 30 days, since the start of purchase.

  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Totracy31

    I just take my sim out of my iPhone 4, put it in the iPad and i get the Internet. I have a 6g plan with Rogers.

  • Veridian

    I called rogers before buying a 3g ipad and was told I could share my data with my existing account for $10 more. Tried to activate my new iPad today only to find out they can’t do it and my only options are 15$ or 35$ prepaid on my credit card, or break up my current family shared plan. Bottom line: 1) If you call Rogers, don’t expect to get anyone that knows anything about iPad plans. After 4 calls, none of the reps offered the monthly service fee ($20/$35) plans. 2) Rogers shared data plans only work with one wireless phone in the bundle. So it’s really not that useful. 

  • Wayne Mcalpine

    buy from bell canada or bell mobility the iPhone

    Dont buy your iPhone from any carrier as you will not own
    the device, the carrier will.even when purchased cash they will own the
    device and you will simply be carrying it around for them.Bell mobility and
    Bell Canada are openly misleading consumers to beleive that the phone is owned
    by the purchaser, not true.I think the strangle hold the carrier’s have
    on the Canadian people needs to stop.I’ve decided to petition the government
    on these issues. And I have stronge want to find every and all customers that
    are or have been screwed by the carrier’s who, have been placed into financial
    hardships becuase of this practice.I would like for the people to stand
    up with me and fight the wrong doings of these corporate giants, who’s sole
    purpose is to extort money from the common poor people.