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RIM’s Blackpad vs Apple’s iPad: Who Will Win?

by on September 26th, 2010

When Apple announced their iPad, the world wasn’t sure what to make of it. In order to fully understand the iPad, you need to realize it’s not meant to be a laptop replacement and it’s not a smartphone–it’s in between.

Even though the iPad has a multitude of uses, one of the best in my mind is consuming media. With iPad sales projected to sell 21 million units in 2011, competitors want a piece of new tablet pie.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has created some hype, but there’s one other tablet rumoured to make a grand entry: RIM’s so called “Blackpad”. This tablet is supposed to be announced next week and will have a 7 inch screen, camera, app store, and possibly a slide out keyboard.

Could the new “Blackpad” be a larger version of the Blackberry Torch? I sure hope not. Either way, I can guarantee that the “Blackpad” will not even come close to the speed and multitouch advancements on the iPad.

Remember the so called “iPhone killer”, aka the Blackberry Storm? I have a feeling history could be repeating itself once again. This fight was over before it even started.

What do you think? Will RIM’s new tablet be a flop, or will it be an actual challenger to the iPad?


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