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RIM Posts PlayBook vs iPad Speed Test Video

by on November 16th, 2010

RIM is Canada’s technology gem. The Blackberry is their money maker, and they’re hoping the upcoming PlayBook tablet will be the next big thing. They have been hyping up the device as a true ‘iPad killer’ based on the fact it runs Flash. We still don’t have any details about battery life yet. I wonder how the device holds up with Flash.

Today Blackberry posted a PlayBook versus iPad browser speed test video. The PlayBook did a good job in beating the iPad. Well done, RIM. However, when the PlayBook hits the market in Spring of 2011, so will the iPad 2. The true test of the PlayBook will be how well RIM develops their app store. Apple’s developers have created some amazing apps that make the iPad. We’ll see if developers do the same for RIM.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is the PlayBook an iPad killer?

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  • Gonna be poor timing for RIM. The 2nd gen iPad will likely kill this before it even hits shelves.

  • “What do you think? Is the PlayBook an iPad killer?”

    Why does it have to be a killer? Why can’t it be a successful player in a larger ecosystem of portable devices? The PlayBook is very likely to fulfill the needs of enterprise users far better than the iPhone will ever be capable of. RIM is very aware of what they need to do to meet the security needs of corporate users. I’d guess that this time next year you’ll be far more likely to see nurses and CEO’s running around with a PlayBook than with an iPad.

    Apple’s app distribution channel alone is enough to make it not viable for these types of scenarios. There’s a reason Adobe demo’d an application developed for healthcare in Canada. See this post for a very different take on the potential of this device: http://mobihealthnews.com/9274/medical-imaging-featured-in-first-demo-of-blackberry-playbook-tablet/

    I think there’s room for the iPad, PlayBook and the various Android powered tablets. No one needs to kill anyone in order for their product to be successful.

  • 50sreader

    “However, when the PlayBook hits the market in Spring of 2011, so will the iPad 2.” Rumours have circulated regarding a new iPad release in 2011 but they are just that, rumours. Speculation based statements should be stated responsibly for what they really are, rumours.

  • gordunramsie

    Are you serious? RIM is the one that keeps on bragging about their ‘vaporware’ PlayBook. Jim Basillie (sp?) is a lunatic, he honestly thinks he can challenge the iPad. I don’t think so BIG BOI! Nobody could give TWO Fs about Flash on a tablet.



  • gordunramsie

    You’re talking like you’re STOOOOPID. Apple clearly has annual product cycles. iPad 2 is inevitable, a DONKEY could figure that out. WAKE UP!

  • 50sreader

    Annual product cycles? The iPhone and iPod touch go a year between updates. The Mac Pro went a year and a half before its first update. The Mac Mini went a year at last update. The Cinema Displays went four years. The 2006 Mac Pro went 518 days before the update to the Penryn Mac Pro. The Penryn Mac Mini came out a year and a half after the Merom Mac Mini.

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  • adantium

    its not a fair comparison. The playbook is much smaller with less pixels to display so takes less time. Not a fair fight. I don’t think I could live with a screen smaller than an iPad.

  • Shawn F

    Who cares how fast it can load a webpage, and who cares about Flash…it’s ALL about APPS. After experiencing an app for consuming content, using the web is lame…at any speed. Eg. After using the Ebay app, I will NEVER use the ebay website again. Same with Wall Street Journal and several other apps.

    Also, the 7″ screen is RETARDED…I might as well just carry around my iphone.

  • Shawn F

    totally agree. And with RIM announcing the playbook soooo far in advanced, Apple can easily ‘kill’ it before it even comes out. In my opinion, even the current version of the ipad slays the playbook, let alone upcoming release with front-facing camera and retina display, and hopefully faster processor.

  • Ok… why not test EVERYTHING not just the internet.
    i could sit here and defend the ipad but im not going to. ok so it loads pages faster, i have to give it credit for that no matter how they do it compared to the ipad. What else can it best the ipad on? lets takes the entire OS and go toe to toe and see what happens in terms of speed and functionality and available apps to always keep it fresh ^_~