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RIM Claims PlayBooks Outsold iPads in Canada Last Week, But Won’t Give Details

by on March 5th, 2012

RIM launched a massive PlayBook firesale after writing off the tablet as a loss. The PlayBook was hyped immensely prior to its launch by their former co-CEOs, and sales failed after the device launched without a native email, contacts or calendar application (that has changed now that 2.0 software is out).

Nonetheless, thanks to the massive discount on PlayBooks RIM proudly tweeted their tablet outsold the iPad in Canada last week, based on news told to them by Best Buy. When the CBC asked RIM to clarify, the company refused to provide any statistics to back up the claim, and only referred to their tweets that the PlayBook outsold iPads at numerous retailers last week.

If you slash the price of any tablet by 50%, obviously you’re going to get more sales versus a regularly priced iPad 2. It’s too bad these sales were achieved at the PlayBook’s original retail value. Plus, with the iPad 3 around the corner people are smart enough to hold off iPad purchases.

Unfortunately, these recent sales have still been unable to revive the struggling company, as its market worth has now dropped 90 percent since 2008:

Can’t wait for PlayBook 3.0, RIM.

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