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Preorder The iPad In Canada On May 10; Release On May 29

by on April 14th, 2010

Setting aside the disappointment that Apple has pushed back the international iPad launch to May 2010, Canadians finally have an official date for the preorder availability of the iPad.

Apple has announced that May 10, 2010 will be the day that Canadians can finally preorder the iPad for purchase within Canada. It is likely that May 10 will allow both the WiFi and 3G models of the iPad to be preordered online from Apple.ca and of course finally unveil the pricing.

Considering the Canadian dollar is almost par with the US Dollar, pricing for the iPad will likely be the same as the US pricing, starting at $499 for the 16GB WiFi. However, Apple could treat the iPad like the iPod Touch pricing and possibly increase the Canadian iPad pricing by $29 to start at $529 for the 16GB WiFi.

Previous estimates put the Canadian iPad launch at April 24, 2010 however that date is now incorrect. If the US iPad release schedule is any indication of how the Canadian launch will go, the release date for the iPad in Canada should be June 1, 2010. This is based on the US preorder on March 12, 2010 to the final release on April 3, 2010, 22 days.

However if the launch in Canada is to be on a Saturday, which is likely, the release may be on May 29, 2010, the last Saturday in May. We’ve also been tipped that Apple Stores have their blackout dates extended to cover all of May 2010, adding to the previous end of April blackout period.

Of course this all depends on just how badly you want the iPad, as there is nothing wrong with jumping down south and picking up your iPad from the US.

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  • I still can't believe it got extended again! Now I'm going to have to order it from Amazon or eBay. Also, while I agree with you on the similar dollar values, I still think the Canadian prices will be slightly higher than $29. I looked at several other Apple products and most of the Canadian prices are $40-$70 more than the US. Hmm, guess we'll have to wait some more for the pricing details! AND the data plans!

  • Marcus

    What will happen if i buy an iPad in the US and use it in the Canada… Will the warranty will be eligible in the Canada Apple Store and will all the software work normally for the moment in my Canadian Itunes account???

  • It will be eligible once the iPad is officially released in Canada

  • Marcus

    Mr. Ex do you have a iPad yet… because with your Canadian itunes account does it work well… And another question about synchronizing, when you usually connect your iphone itune optimize the picture to import them, does it do the same thing with the ipad, And in what size does the picture optimize in the iPad because I got on my computer 32GB of picture so does it fit in a 32gb ipad, because it fit in my 16Gb iphone, because of the compression… Thanks in advance …

  • I do have an iPad, and I use both the cdn and usa account for things like pages and keynote.

  • misterbono

    Best move as of today: go get one stateside. You'll pay less than you 'll pay in Canada when we get it and you'll have it a month earlier. International warranties on all Apple products protects your iPad in Canada as well.

    (Third paragraph, last sentence. 529$ instead of 429$, there's a typo.)

  • schesbh

    Just ordered mine Stateside to my US address. I am not going to wait again. Dollar is almost equal… 45 minutes for me to my US address. Already have an iTunes US account. Called my friend who is an Apple Authorized Reseller. All Apple products including AppleCare are covered worldwide. Waiting another month not!

  • VG

    Were you able to order with a Canadian credit card? Or do you have a US one?

  • Jayme

    Does anyone know 100% if the wifi verson will be avaible here in late may.

  • Yes, it's a guarantee.

  • Charles the lover

    Ha! wow I'm smart, I was telling myself, Charles just wait don't get one off ebay and I didn't I held off. Until I offered a guy 700 for a 16GB if he could get it to me that day, he couldn't so I decided no I would just wait. But that man also had an ebay auction with 0 feedback and a new account. He put the bid at 650. Nothing, not one bid, so after I auction I e-mail him and say I'd take it off his hands for 600 and I could hand pick it up. Now?! I get to have a ipad for a month and half before everybody else and I probably paid almost the exact amount I would have had to pay if I had waited…

    This brings me much joy… what doesn't bring me joy is incorrectly getting the wrong kinda of pre paid mastercard to use on the Itunes US store, 50 dollars they charge me and I get a card that's still tied to a canadian address and only has 22 dollars of funds on it after fees. What a absolute swindle, all just so I could get pages and mirrors edge! which I still couldn't get! so I go on itunes and decide to just start buying apps with it until it maxes out, naturally itunes doesn't check after every purchase and lets me make 35 dollars worth of purchases… which I then had to put on my real credit card! I finally gave up it and transfered the money off it into my paypal account at losing 2%. Just the best use of resources and finances followed by the absolute worst.

    So be wise, it's the stupid vanilla gift card which I knew! but the damn money mart asshole convinced me it was the prepaid card I was supposed to get, 7.50 they take off your balance a month with this thing. What use is this to anybody, I just got all the funds off it and threw it out. Whatever at least all the apps I bought are sweet and I finally get to start reading all the kindle books I've been eyeing up.

    little disappointed in the battery life though, reading books uses more than 10% an hour and there really is no way to charge it in the middle of the day since that power adaptor needs to be attached to that insanely short dock cable. almost impossible to use it while its plugged in. I doubt this battery is going to hold up if I run it dry every day.

    Oh so pretty it's so pretty and a pleasure to read on and view comics on and watch my procured television on! Goodreade+Comic Zeal+Air Video+Demonoid makes this thing indispensable. Still need a good app so I can use it as a photo portfolio though.

  • Gregory

    Anyone know how to update Canadian purchased apps. All my apps from iPhone imported to iPad and do have us as well as canadian iTunes. But iPhone apps purchased in Canada wont update from us account and can't log into Canadian iTunes account on iPad? Ideas?

  • You'll have to update them via iTunes for now. Once the ipad app store
    is live in Canada you'll be able to login with your CDN credentials on
    the ipad and update.