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Poll: Which iPad Model Will You Buy?

by on May 8th, 2010

Apple has finally released Canadian iPad pricing and confirmed a May 28th release date. With Apple’s plan to release WiFi iPad models first, people who were going to wait for the 3G models couldn’t wait any longer and splurged. Canadians traveled to the USA and even asked their friends and family to help them buy iPads.

Now that we can rest assured the iPad is coming to Canada with pre-orders starting in TWO days, which iPad model will you buy here on home soil? I know a lot of you might hold back until Rogers releases iPad data plans. Regardless, it’s your turn to chime in by voting below:

I am extremely happy with my WiFi 16GB iPad. It’s more of a “coffee table” device for us but if we need to hit the road, I’ll be using MyWi on my jailbroken iPhone to tether my 6GB Rogers data plan.

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  • GP

    I need to see the data pricing before I choose.

  • Actually, my 64 GB 3G+WiFi arrived yesterday via friend @StephenHoltzman as we both ordered to US address, received in April 30th release date, and he picked them up. So didn't cast a vote in your poll co no option of 'couldn't wait for Canadian release.' Even if don't take full advantage of 3G as fear Rogers data will just be same pricey plans they currently have, wanted the 3G option when travelling to buy SIM for monthly use in US or elsewhere. Not that I travel much! Besides, have MyFi from Rogers using my Rocket stick SIM so can use that for 3G for now.

  • jpraadt

    It's interesting to me that the results of this poll tend to skew toward the 64GB+3G, where similar polls for the American launch skewed toward lower capacities and WiFi only.

    My guess is that this is either because we've had (much) longer to wait, and therefore hoard our loonies, or possibly that readers of ipadincanada tend more to be “power-users”.


  • Josh

    I am going for the 64GB 3G. I am hoping that Rogers will have a multi-device plan that will allow me to use my 6GB data plan for my iPhone with it. Each month I barely use 250 MB of it, it would be nice if I didn't have to have a second plan. If it's a separate plan, I will only get a PAYG plan for when I go away for vacation.

  • DAK

    None Of The Above

  • nulzilla

    thinking of 64GB WiFi, but waiting for Rogers data plans before deciding

  • No way I'm ordering the 3G model without seeing the data plan prices. We get raped for data in Canada and I'm sure the only reason we haven't seen any pricing yet from ANY carrier is because they are still debating how much they think they can gouge us for. There is no real competition among the Rogers, Telus and Bell; they will collude and set the same exorbitant prices so it won't matter who you go with.

  • You bring up a good point. Not sure why the Wifi+3G is getting all the votes. Maybe people need mobile computing–and our readers are amazing. 😉

  • Agree. We will see similar pricing on data plans. Just look at iPhone plans from the Big 3–they are virtually the same.

  • I was going to add that option to the poll, but I didn't. doh!

  • jpraadt

    I'm exited for my 32GB WiFi+3G! I'm putting in my pre-order tomorrow- feels like we've been waiting *forever*…

  • GP

    Ordered the 64GB 3G+WiFi this morning with accessories. I assume you can buy a month's access as needed without monthly renewals from Rogers, am I right? ie no contract

  • yvrgal

    I jailbreaked my iPhone and installed MyWi to share data from my iPhone to the iPad. I tested it by sharing data with my Macbook and it works like a charm so I ordered just the WiFi version.