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Penguin Showcases Interactive Future On iPad

by on March 5th, 2010

This week, Paid Content viewed a great presentation held by Penguin CEO John Makinson in London. The presentation focus was the iPad and books, however viewers saw a very different take on the idea of Penguin books on the iPad.

Makinson indicates that he sees eBooks reaching 10 percent of book sales next year, where the current eBook adoption is sitting around 4%. A 6% adoption increase certainly seems possible when considering the interactive nature of these eBooks, or apps as they may be more appropriately called.

Makinson further states that Penguin is not using the ePub format, a universal format for eBooks, for their eBooks and instead are building the eBooks as applications and in standard HTML.

We will be embedding audio, video and streaming in to everything we do. The .epub format, which is the standard for ebooks at the present, is designed to support traditional narrative text, but not this cool stuff that we’re now talking about.

So for the time being at least we’ll be creating a lot of our content as applications, for sale on app stores and HTML, rather than in ebooks. The definition of the book itself is up for grabs.

As seen in the videos above, many of Penguin’s iPad books do not resemble traditional books or eBooks. Instead, the content provides a highly interactive learning experience.


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