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PC World iPad Stress Test: Buy a Case! [Video]

by on April 5th, 2010

PC World first shocked the world with their iPhone stress tests from a while back. They put the iPhone through hell and it did not survive. They have now repeated this process for the iPad! Here’s a snippet of what their results were:

Though the touchscreen itself held up well and still responded to touches and gestures, a strip of garbled pixels appeared at the top of the display after we dropped the iPad from a seated position three or four times.

Water isn’t very iPad-friendly, either. Our stress-test unit started malfunctioning immediately after being doused with coffee and water, even though the iPad connector port was somewhat covered. Water entered the iPad’s innards via the headphone jack on the top, and within a minute or two, the touchscreen display became unresponsive and splotchy.

In another video, the Will it Blend? guy managed to get his grubby hands on an iPad. What are the final results of this test? I think you can figure it out!

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  • That stress-test video was really painful to watch. I sure as heck won't be holding my new iPad directly under the faucet. I mean – really – was there ever any doubt that holding the device under running water, pouring large volumes of hot coffee onto the screen or dropping in repeatedly onto concrete would not damage it??

  • rorypiper

    My favorite part was the “donut stylus”! Hilarious!!

  • haha, that was interesting. Now I know what I can use my donut during the winter baby!!

  • Yeah, no kidding! They had performed similar tests on the iPhone, so they HAD to try this on the iPad! Just goes viral.