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Ottawa Hospital Orders 1,800 iPads To Replace Medical Charts

by on April 21st, 2011

CBC reports that the Ottawa Hospital has ordered 1,800 iPads, in addition to the 500 already in use, to replace traditional paper medical charts.

Hospital staff say that the shift to iPad instead of traditional paper puts the Ottawa Hospital “at the forefront of North American hospitals, allowing doctors to examine X-rays, make notes and prescribe treatments while taking the X-rays along with them during patient consultations.”

“If I was at the bedside with you, I’d be able to talk about your results,” said Dr. Glen Geiger, who now cuts down on time and massive amounts of paperwork.

The iPads can further store patient information such as medical histories, injury reports, allergies and related data. However, the data is not stored locally and security measures are in place to ensure records are not compromised.

“I’d say what we’re going to do next. We’d discuss if you’d agree to the treatment plan, we’d order the treatment plan right then and there while we’re talking to you, instead of saying, ‘Let me go down the hall and order that treatment in a few minutes,'” he said.

“You go see the patient, you do things, you’re done.”

It would also hopefully eliminate any problems associated with trying to decipher possibly messy hand-written doctor notes.

The hospital expects to have the iPads by July for use by physicians, resident physicians and pharmacists.

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