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Official FaceBook App For iPad Coming Soon

by on September 16th, 2010

When compared to the iPhone and iPod touch, the App Store for the iPad is still relatively new. While the iPad App Store does have thousands of great apps, oddly enough it is still missing an official FaceBook app!

Yes, the iPhone/iPod touch one does work fine, but how about an HD version to utilize that larger iPad display. To that end, reports today indicate that an official FaceBook app is coming soon.

Cyril Moutran, co-founder of Oecoway, developer of apps such as Friendly which is the unofficial FaceBook iPad app that costs $0.99, claims that an official FaceBook app is coming soon.

People at FaceBook have reportedly claimed to have told Moutran that an official FaceBook app is nearing release and even the CEO of FaceBook has promised an iPad app since June 2010.

So once again, if you’re looking for an official, free FaceBook iPad app, it seems that it really is “coming soon”. The alternative right now is to use the iPhone/iPod touch app on your iPad or pay the $0.99 to use Friendly.


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  • Or since the iPad has such a large screen you could just use the Facebook website.

  • Yeah, but the iPhone Facebook app is so much easier to use and navigate. An
    iPad version would be the icing on top. Even twitter beat Facebook in
    releasing ‘official’ apps.

  • Using the website is always a good option. I personally prefer apps though, as it’s setup, and options are in place for the device on question. I was actually surprised Facebook didn’t become a universal app a long time ago.
    Then again judging by the time it took for them to release updates to fix the iPhone issues, I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • I have definitely been waiting for an official facebook app but it won’t have multi-tasking until November anyway right, usually when I use facebook I use the chat and have it in the background while I browse the web. It drives me nuts that I cannot do that on my iPad, can’t wait till November.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook, not FaceBook.

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