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NYT: Apple to Release 7.85-Inch iPad that Will Sell ‘For Significantly Less than $499’

by on July 15th, 2012

The New York Times is reporting Apple is set to release a 7.85-inch tablet (widely rumoured as an iPad Mini) later this year, that will be much cheaper than the starting price of $499US for the existing new iPad:

The company is developing a new tablet with a 7.85-inch screen that is likely to sell for significantly less than the latest $499 iPad, with its 9.7-inch display, according to several people with knowledge of the project who declined to be named discussing confidential plans. The product is expected to be announced this year.

It was just under two weeks ago Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal released similar reports on the announcement of an impending smaller iPad Mini to compete against new 7-inch tablets from Amazon and Google, such as the recently announced Nexus 7.

The strategy for a smaller tablet says the report according to analysts and tech industry executives is to lure customers in who want a variety of tablet sizes so they can be part of an overall textbook business strategy. We’ve previously discussed the notion of how a 7-inch iPad would work.

The First iPad Prototype Had a 7-Inch Screen

The NYT goes on to report the first iPad prototype had a 7-inch screen:

But the first tablet prototype Apple began developing in the mid-2000s had a seven-inch screen, said a former engineer at the company who helped build the smaller prototype and declined to be named to avoid upsetting people at the company today.

It was noted long ago that Apple had first developed its Multi-Touch technology for the iPad first, but Steve Jobs turned this new tech towards making the iPhone first. This same person reaffirmed what Steve Jobs had been saying all along about a 7-inch iPad–it’s too small:

Mr. Jobs thought the device was too small and wondered aloud what it was good for “besides surfing the Web in the bathroom,” this person said.

My brother should let the ghost of Steve Jobs know the existing iPad screen is perfect for surfing the web in the bathroom, but a smaller tablet would be even better. With all of these reports from credible news sources, it seems inevitable that an iPad Mini is coming this Fall–possibly announced at the same time as the next-generation iPhone?

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