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Next iPad To Be Thinner, Feature Camera & MiniUSB?

by on September 28th, 2010

As we get closer to Spring 2011, the rumors and predictions for iPad version 2.0 begin to come out.

This week, Goldman Sachs analysts claim that the next generation Apple iPad will feature a camera, miniUSB, and be thinner/lighter. Furthermore, the estimated release date is Q2 of 2011:

Apple Inc. may introduce its second-generation iPad in the second quarter of 2011, said Henry King and Kevin Lu, analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc, in a report dated 27 September. The new 9.7-inch iPad is targeted to be thinner and lighter, with an embedded camera and mini USB, according to the report.

While the report does not distinguish if the camera is front or back facing, a front-facing camera is fully expected in the next iPad.

On the weird end is the inclusion of miniUSB. Since 2001, Apple has stayed with its proprietary 30-pin dock connector with no indication for change. The likelihood of such a change is low.

While rumors and speculation are good to chat about it, it is worth noting that the Goldman Sachs analysts, Henry King and Kevin Lu, have not had much of a record for Apple predictions.

What do you think? Camera, miniUSB, and thinner/lighter or not?


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  • Sean

    I definitely believe it will have a camera for Face Time. That is pretty evident from the fact that the iPod Touch now has Face Time. For them not to include it on the next iPad would be pretty surprising. As for being thinner, I can see that. Most of Apple’s mobile devices have become thinner with every iteration. Including a mini-usb port, probably not. As mentioned in the article, Apple has always stuck to their philosophy of not obstructing the beauty of their products with extra ports for anything other than their dock connector.

  • Rick in Vancouver

    Thinner and lighter for sure as it is not easy to hold the ipad up for long time as my hand get tired and when I place on my lap, my neck gets sore from looking down for long time. Anyone else with this problem? Maybe you could do a topic on this?

  • I would love to see a integrated kick stand in the back of the ipad, to make it truly an all in one unit.
    I cant see Apple changing the cables that are standard in all Apple products, but i think the camera is a sure bet.
    as for making the device thinner, im not so sure. If anything i can see them making it flat to resemble the iPhone4 which eliminating the rounded back made it thinner. Hopefully with retina display too! using my iPad after using my i4 for so long, I see a HUGE difference.