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New iPad Pre-Orders Now Live in Canada from Apple [Update]

by on March 7th, 2012

Update 1: Finally got an order placed for a 16GB iPad in white. Apple.ca would default to the U.S. store at times, so I had to manually go back to the Canadian store. Also, the address field was messed up, but I placed my order anyways. A quick call to Apple Support on the phone fixed it immediately. What did you order?


With the announcement of the new iPad today, Canada is part of the original launch with the device set to hit stores on March 16th. Pre-ordering for the new iPad is now live on Apple.ca. Pre-orders will arrive from March 16-20, with engraved orders to arrive on March 19-20. Apple’s servers are getting slammed, so good luck.


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  • http://timstringer.com Tim Stringer

    After some perseverance I managed to place my order for a new iPad (black, 64GB, Wi-Fi+4G). ETA March 16-20.

  • the_thinktank

    order white 64 and white 16 wifi only, also got apple email confirmation. guess i got lucky until puralotor man delivers to his own home.

  • Ed

    tried for the whole lunch break and finally got through. Ordered White 32G Wifi version

  • Test

    Site is getting hammered.  Cannot get it loaded up

  • http://twitter.com/leafer01 Mr. X

    just ordered a black 32gb wifi, but no confirmation email yet.. :(

  • jon

    Try using a Safari browser. Works every time whether you’re reserving or pre-ordering an iPhone or an iPad

  • jon

    Try using a Safari browser. Works every time whether you’re reserving or pre-ordering an iPhone or an iPad

  • Brian

    Was able to order a Black 64gb 4g and a white 16gb 4g, but do not have an email confirmation yet…

  • http://twitter.com/leafer01 Mr. X

    I just got mine.  Took about 20-25 minutes or so

  • Wuju007

    Manage to order finally. Waiting for email confirmation. Delivery date march 16-20

  • skratche

    Finally got through on mine. But still waiting for email confirmation and then I can finally rest easy.

  • http://twitter.com/davester13 D R

    Once again, AppleCanada buys devices at retail from the US, then tacks on 5-10% for their own profit…

  • thevarmanator

    64GB white wifi ordered.
    And to people that don’t have a confirmation email, mine took about half an hour, so you guys can chill out.
    Also, I understand that those 30 minutes are super-painful and nerve-racking. Use this to calm yourselves: https://store.apple.com/ca/order/list

  • Ian LTW

    Ordered Black 32GB Wifi.  I figured the extra $$ for 4G wasn’t warranted because I tether to my iPhone and the iPhone 5 will show up with 4G which I will buy.

  • Wuju007

    Got the email confirmation. Horray.

  • Opus

     Pre-ordered 64GB White Wifi + 4G.  Can’t wait…woohoo

  • MrTLB

    Ordered 64GB Black Wifi+4G. With the updated screen and photo/video improvements, wouldn’t even consider anything less than the 64GB version – would have loved a 128GB version…

  • Ian LTW

     Still no confirmation email.  Status in the Store show processing.