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New iPad Pre-Orders in Canada Have ‘Shipped’–Has Yours?

by on March 10th, 2012

It’s been three days since Apple announced the new Retina Display and LTE-enabled iPad, and pre-order availability. Yesterday we noted most orders have moved into the “Preparing for Shipment” status, and since then many Canadian orders have already shipped.

iPadinCanada.ca reader Corey passed along the status of his order, which has now shipped via UPS:

Yesterday we also first noted the Apple iPad delivery map for Canada, which details the day shipments will arrive based on various ‘zones’ throughout the country. Major urban centres in ‘Zone 1’ are expected to have their new iPads arrive on Friday, March 16th, the day of the worldwide release (for select countries).

Has your order shipped?

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  • Bentguy

    Mine shipped Friday morning and was in anchorage by Friday afternoon. Now it’s in Louisville Kentucy. Been sitting there since last night. I’m in Vancouver so it probably flew right over me. Should I hope that I might see it on the 16th?

  • Vancouver is in Zone 1 according to the Apple shipping map, which means a March 16th delivery date.

  • Dieselboy28

    No, mine is still preparing for shipment crapdamnit!

  • xyber

    Mine just went to preparing for shipment today.

  • skratche

    Damn I’m in zone 1 but still in the “prep” stage. Although my accessories have shipped

  • day03

    Didn’t get any updates until today when it switched to “Preparing for Shipment.”

    I’m in Zone 1 so I hope I will still get it on March 16th even though other people’s iPads have shipped much earlier than mine.

  • monkey

    I am curious, is your iPad engraved? I bet it is.

  • mine just switched to preparing for shipment earlier today, so i’m behind schedule, it seems.  and i’m in zone1

  • Bentguy

    Yes it’s engraved.

  • imonkey

    Ok, so I have been following the pattern of what models have shipped and what ones have not. The only ones that have shipped are the engraved ones, while anybody without engraving is preparing for shipment. In another thread someone said Apple has been warehousing iPads in North America so all the engraved ones will ship from here. This means they have to travel a short distance and thus no need to ship them out until next week.

  • Monkey

    that should read: all the non-engraved ones will ship from here

  • xGaary

    Mine just went to prepping today. Not engraved and in Zone 1

  • sk19

    My launch day order got messed up!  For anyone who never did get an email confirmation, despite checking out of the Apple Store and receiving an order number and having it say Delivery March 16 – 20, I’d suggest calling Apple to sort things out.  I’ve written up my experience on my site here: http://newestapple.blogspot.com/2012/03/new-ipad-launch-day-order-problem.html.  Bottom line: I had to reorder.  Delivery scheduled for March 26.  🙁

  • Brian

    White 16gb and black 64gb both 4g not engraved, but I did get a birthday note attached. Been in “preparing for shipment” stage since yesterday morning. Wish that would change :p ordered new smart covers at the same time as the new iPads and they will be delivered Tuesday. Hope the theory that nonengraved units are coming from the usa. There’s no way that standard shipping would reach Edmonton if they shipped out on Monday.

  • Wuju007

    Still preparing for shipping 🙁

  • Reds-sarge

    I ordered mine on launch day, but forgot the CC stored on apple.ca was expired!! So I had to cancel and reorder on the 10th so I won’t be getting until the 26th…but I have a doctor appt then 30 min away and will miss it!! AAAAH!! (Order Processing, its not at preparing for shipment yet)

  • Wkoniowalski

    I was starting to get worried. I ordered mine at 1:30pm PST on launch day as I was at a meeting earlier. Didn’t even check what the updates were before ordering.
    Right now it’s Preparing for Shipment and has been doing so since Thursday night.
    I’m in Vancouver and mine is not engraved as I plan to sell it right before the next one comes out.

  • A_menoufy

    Ordered mine late on launch day, went in prep stage on Friday morning and been at since. Mine is not engraved!

  • YVRapplefan

    Perhaps true that engraved ones have shipped.  

    Mine left China at 1:53 am on the 11th and was scanned as leaving Anchorage at 8:41 pm on March 10th.  Assuming a 10 hour flight this left just under an hour for transfer in Anchorage.  Apple indicated delivery date of the 19th but I’m hoping for the 16th in downtown Vancouver!

  • day03

    Apple’s delivery map indicates “Please add 1-2 additional business day for delivery of personalized products” therefore your delivery date of March 19th is most likely accurate.

  • day03

    Apple’s delivery map indicates “Please add 1-2 additional business day for delivery of personalized products” therefore your delivery date of March 19th is most likely accurate.

  • Nice, thanks for that little tidbit. Mine’s been preparing for shipment for two days (non-engraved), so I’ve been worried I won’t get it on the 16th. Now I have more hope! 🙂

  • Ben

    I just received a shipping notification (mine is not engraved), scheduled for delivery on 16th!

  • Momin


  • monkey

    Excellent! Do we know where it is shipping from?

  • A_menoufy

    I just it my shipping notification 20mins ago as well :). Delivery on the 16th. Tracking info is still not available, so I’m not sure where it’s shipping from. (16gb, black, not engraved).

  • Anderson_46

    same for me! non engraved shipping to Toronto from UPS. UPS better not screw up my delivery like the iphone 4S

  • Nothing yet for me…. but the day is early…. i’m sure i’ll get the notification later today for March 16… Not engraved and in Montreal.

  • thevarmanator

    I’m getting worried because mine still hasn’t shipped yet and I’m in Toronto.

  • Brian

    No shipping notice for me yet. I’m outside Ottawa, and ordered a non-engraved 64 GB wi-fi model.

  • day03

     Are you in Zone 1 of the delivery map?

  • Just got my notification… shipped from UPS Canada … and for March 16 🙂

  • xGaary

     Still preparing =( 32 gb Black Wifi in Vancouver

  • Wuju007

    Just checked,  Still preparing for shipping. My per-ordered went through around 6pm  on the day of the announcement.

  • Wuju007

     64G wifi black model in Toronto. So I”m in Zone 1.

  • Brian

    Yes, Ottawa is in Zone 1; surrounding areas are covered as well, I think. I ordered about an hour after pre-orders opened; not sure if that will make a difference.

  • day03

     I ordered at 3:50pm EST on March 7th. Mine is till under “Preparing for Shipment” and I’m in Zone 1.

  • Brian

    So we’re in the same boat – Mine is also preparing for shipment. I’m obsessively checking my email and expect to be distracted all week. At least I’m not camped out in front of an Apple Store though!

  • imerc08

    Same thing here! I ordered mine at 4:00pm (EST) on launch day and it’s still “Preparing for Shipment”… I’m near Montreal (Zone 1).

  • Brian

    Anyone get a giftnote attached?

  • Im in zone 1 (vancouver) and i ordered right when it went up. Still in prep stage 🙁

  • rob

    Ordered Thursday, not engraved and shipped this morning for delivery March 16!!

  • VancouverBlade

    Exactly the same here.

  • ipad FTW!

    Mine is still prepping and not shipped. 🙁

    Ordered on the 8th. Website said delivery date of 16th-20th….hope I get it on the 16th in Calgary.
    Hope at least I get it before I leave for holidays next Monday. Come on Apple…show me some love.

  • Opus

    Same here, ordered mine around 6pm EST on annoucement date.  Still stuck in “Preparing for Shipment”.  I’m in downtown Toronto. 
    A friend of mine who ordered roughly 1 hour after me received his “Shipped” notification about 2 hours ago and he’s in Richmond Hill.  Not fair.  I am also going to be distracted all week waiting for it

  • day03

     They must be doing the shipments by surname or the iPad model that we ordered

  • With that $0.70 Recycling Fee, I guess we’ve solved global warming. lol

    I’m in St. John’s, and received my shipped notification email a couple of hours ago.

  • ariel

    I ordered a non-engraved white 32gb WiFi the 8th at 6pm. Still in prep stage. 🙁
    Live in zone 1.

  • DDR

    Non-engraved, black 16gb wifi, to Richmond, BC, received shipped email as of 4:08am this morning.  UPS tracking not up yet.  The order was placed at around 1pm last Wednesday.

  • Mine still says Preparing for Shipment.  I ordered it with a Bell SIM card so I wonder if that takes longer. Its going to Victoria. 

  • 2 White 64GB WIFI ordered after the announcement at 16:00 to Montreal and it’s still preparing for shipment… =(

  • imerc08

    Same Here… :-/ I’m in Trois-Rivières.

  • I was thinking of engraving mine but took it off just to make sure I get it early too! 

  • Steve

    Just received my shipping notification.  It will be delivered on March 16. Faaaantastic!

  • My iPad 4G got shipped this am… but still waiting for my Bell Sim card to be shipped… so it’s in 2 packaged…. 

  • Dongski.08

    still preparing for shipment – 64 GB WiFi+4G ordered 1-1/2 hrs after keynote in Zone 1, what’s going on? 🙁

  • From the replies on this thread, it seems like Apple hasn’t ship any of the 64GB orders yet

  • Not true… mine was 64Gb + 4G black… and shipped this am….

  • day03

    Then they must be doing by surname? lol

  • Still prepping shipment for 64GB Wi-Fi in Zone 1 (Ottawa). Ordered at about 3:50 on the 7th. Based on these responses, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to worry about (lots of people still in prep stages). Maybe a few folks will win the lottery and get theirs early!

  • sucks to have my last name then…lol

  • imerc08

    I just got my shipment notification email !!! 🙂

  • Guest123

    Received my shipping notification @ 2:30pm. 64G + 4G Blk in Zone 1 (Toronto).

  • Since it’s shipping day today… Now i’m curious to see where all the iPad will be shipped from… and  if we’re all in the same plane…..  since UPS tracking is not updated yet…. will have to wait tomorrow im sure…

  • Ed

    still no shipment for my white wi-fi 32G 🙁

  • Patrick

    Shipping notice came at 9:17 am today — Black 64GB + 4G to Vancouver / Zone 1.
    However, UPS still doesn’t recognize the tracking number.

  • has307

    I ordered two(64GB+4G and 16GBWiFi) , they were both in prep for shipping for 3 days! Now, the 16GB WiFi is shipped (will get it on 16th)  and the 64GB + 4G is still in prep for shipping.  So the gift gonna be here first than mine, not cool Apple 🙁

  • Tremblay Dominic

    Ordered mine a 4:30 estearn time on march 7, still not shipped (white 64 gb wifi).

  • has307

    It’s really weird with Apple, one of my ordere  (16GB-white WiFi) has shipped! But (64GB-white +4G) is still in prep for shipping!!! I’m in zone 1, and both are not engraved.

  • Just received notification (6:40 PM) that my black 64GB Wi-Fi model has shipped to Ottawa. Now time for obsessive refreshing of the UPS page until the tracking shows up!

  • Just received notification (6:40 PM) that my black 64GB Wi-Fi model has shipped to Ottawa. Now time for obsessive refreshing of the UPS page until the tracking shows up!

  • day03

    Just spoke to an Apple representative on the phone. He said my iPad (White 64GB Wi-fi+4G) is coming from a warehouse in Canada.

    He said that would probably explain why my iPad is still “Preparing for shipment” because it doesn’t have to ship out that early to get to its destination (Zone 1 Toronto).

  • monkey

    That sort of makes sense, but I wonder why some iPads shipped today heading to Toronto. You would think they might hold all of them if they were going to ship them later in the week.

  • day03

    True, but we don’t know where those iPads that shipped today are coming from.

    As far as I know, no one here has been able to see where their iPads are coming from through the UPS website.

  • squish

    Ordered the same model (white 64gb wifi) at about the same time on march 7th, being delivered to Toronto.  Mine hasn’t shipped yet either!  

  • A_menoufy

    UPS just recognized my tracking number, but hasn’t updated as to where it shipping from!

  • ariel

     I just got my tracking code. It will be delivered on the 16th

  • Update. Call 1-800-MY-APPLE and ask where your iPad is. Post results here: http://www.ipadincanada.ca/ipad-news/apple-some-canadian-ipad-pre-orders-will-ship-from-north-america/

  • joetruesdell

    Got my email 1st thing. this morning. Looks like all those F5s on the 7th paid off.

  • A_menoufy

    Just got another email from apple confirming that my delivery date on the 16th is correct, and that tracking info will be available via UPS on the 15th.

  • Just got my shipment notification! 32GB WiFi White, Zone 1. Ordered as soon as the website was up after the keynote.

  • I’ve now gotten a shipped email from Apple. Victoria is zone 1 so I should be getting it on Friday!

  • Sharwood

    Yo same deal here man mines been in lousieville since saturday i keep asking ups what the eff is going on they say its still clearing customs… bs i want it friday.

  • Sharwood

    i just talked to the mafuka at apple. sounded southern by the acsent i told him my pads in lousieville and its bene there since saturday he said that ups is so backlogged right now with so many orders that they are not updating anything.

    so if it still says it’s in louseville there is a pretty good chance its already in canada ( i called ups and they said it was going thru customs ) so that leads me to beleive its somewhere in canada waiting ( im in vancouver ) ordered on the 7th at 1pm

    i will call ups again and see but the guy from apple told me you will have it friday and thats what i’ve been instructed to inform anyone who put in there pre order on launch day. hope this clears thigns up i also had mine engraved and it shipped on the 9th like many others did and sat since saturday

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