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New iPad Pre-Orders in Canada Are Now ‘Preparing for Shipment’

by on March 9th, 2012

Apple announced the new iPad and included Canada within the first wave of launch countries. Many were able to pre-order their new iPads, and those first orders have now moved into the ‘Preparing for Shipment‘ order status.

Earlier, we noted shipping and arrival times for new iPad pre-orders have been delayed to March 19th. Apple appears to have ample supply with these new iPads, as pre-orders continue to be made available, albeit with a slight delay.

Take a look at the updated order status below for an order that was placed on launch day:

What’s the status of your pre-order?

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  • Wuju007

    Still the same status as in “Delivers between March 16-20”

  • Pierrcast

    Got my apple store shipment notification on march 9 at 3:07 am for delivery on march 19 from china


  • Kirk

    Mine says preparing for shipment as well!

    16 GB Black/ Wifi/4G model. 😀

  • xyber

    Ordered on March 7th at ~4PM EST.

    Still states “Processing Items” instead of Preparing for Shipment”


    between March 16-20

    via Standard Shipping

  • DK

    Mine says preparing for shipment

  • Wkoniowalski

    I ordered mine on March 7th at 1:45pm PST… Was in a meeting during the launch and ordered first thing when I got back to my computer. I’m in serious iPad withdrawal since selling mine 2 weeks ago. Oh, and I just ordered the highest possible model without even checking what the updates were in this new iPad.

    Right now it says Preparin for Shipment with March 16-20 delivery. I hope it gets here on the 16th

  • Ordered mine on march 7 at around 4:30pm EST and it’s still processing items 🙁

  • Indyvil

    I also received my “order has shipped” this morning with a delivery date of March 19th.
    I can track the shipment on UPS’ website.

    Can’t wait!

  • Brian

    I ordered two – both preparing for shipment March 16-20 delivery. Did anyone see the delivery date map from Apple based upon what zone one lives in? I swear I saw it once and it said that all major cities were “zone 1” and that meant delivery was for March16. I cannot seem to see this map anymore. They have already shipped the smart covers though!

  • Essayessay

    The map is still there. It is in the shopping cart area when you check out. It is kind of hard to get to. It says “If your delivery quote reads “Delivers: March 16-March 20″, then your new iPad will deliver on March 16 in major cities and surrounding areas”. I am not sure why the shipping notices are now saying March 19.

  • Wuju007

     Is the smart cover different between the new iPad versus the ones for iPad 2?

  • Essayessay

    No, the old one still works perfectly.

  • I ordered mine (IPAD WI-FI 4G 64GB BLACK) on March 7 around 1:25pm. The status is currently “Preparing for Shipment” and “Delivered by: March 20”. 

  • Anderson_46

    I ordered right when it was available. I ordered 2 16gb wifi black (3rd gen) and I guess the order went through twice because I just got another conf email from apple. Now I have 4 iPads coming to me. I hope the shipping slips a few weeks and I can sell them for an additional $50. Or I can just return them to the apple store 🙂

  • MB

    Black 4G 64GB ordered March 7 @ 4pm. Still in “processing” status.

  • Mark

    Personalised iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G 64GB – Black
    “SHIPPED”!! (but coming from China)

  • VancouverBlade

    Status hasn’t changed for my Black 32GB Wifi model; so far I’ve not seen any reports of this particular selection moving to Preparing to Ship

  • Brian

    Yeah – just replacing mine because it is so beat-up.  I got a birthday note put on one of the iPads for my wife – i wonder if that will delay shipping at all?

  • MB

    Received an email from Canada Post. It just states that the shipment notification has been received in Catham (Ontario). Ship date March 13? Likely the date that they will receive the shipment to their warehouse.  No change on my Apple account.

  • Sergei Schweitzer

    ordered the exact same unit and it’s also “processing items”….

  • Bradley Spence

    I ordered my new iPad with Wi-Fi +4G (white) on March 7th around 2:00pm PST and it shows it’s preparing for shipping and will deliver between March 16-20th.
    I remember when I ordered my iPhone 4S online it said it ships on the day of release but I actually received it the day of release so I’m hoping I receive the iPad this Friday.

  • Should answer your question 🙂 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17932331/CloudShot/shot_382012_110336_am.png

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  • Vicseadog

    Chek Lap Kok,

    Hong Kong



    8:08 P.M.

     Departure Scan

    Looks like mine is airborne.

  • Mark

    I also ordered some accessories that left 
    Chek Lap Kok an hour after the iPad, but, unlike the iPad, they have a scheduled delivery date of this Monday (the iPad doesn’t show a delivery date yet on the UPS site). I wonder if they have a way to delay it until Friday, even though it’s in UPS’ hands – and, judging by the accessory order, should technically be here by the first of the week.

  • Mark

    iPad is now in 
    Anchorage. Still no ETA posted on UPS.

  • MB

    ^ loser. The notification was for a whole different purchase I made (ie: not the iPad). So nothing has come in for the iPad posted above.

  • Ann

    Ordered March 16th around 6pm est.  Status finally changed to “preparing for shipment”…woohoo!

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  • NewIpadSoon

    Got my iPAD 64+LTE (non-engraved) shipped this morning by FedEx. Since I’m in Zone1 I should see it at 11AM at my house 😉