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New iPad Has 1 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM & Geekbench Score Of 756

by on March 13th, 2012

Just hours ago, we published the first ever unboxing video of Apple’s new Retina iPad and now, the same folks have published Geekbench benchmarks of the device. The results reflect that the new iPad’s ‘quad-core’ graphics A5X chip contains a 1 GHz processor while there is 1 GB of RAM on board.

Interestingly, the new iPad received a total Geekbench score of 756 which is almost identical to that of the iPad 2. However it is worth mentioning that Geekbench only tests processor and memory performance and does not assess the improved graphics capabilities of new iPad’s A5X processor.

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  • Reds-sarge

    I’m exited to see if iOS 6 really shows off this extra ram. Live widgets I hope!

  • F L

    The A5X processor is a dual core CPU (not quad core), with a quad core GPU …

  • RandomComment

    I doubt live widgets will happen anytime soon because of the toll it would take on battery.

  • RandomComment

    I doubt live widgets will happen anytime soon because of the toll it would take on battery.

  • joecmwu

    Poor Apple. I don’t understand why people are making this “new” iPad such a big deal. Anyone realized that the “new” iPad’s hardware specifications is one year behind RIM’s Playbook? Even the size of screen Apple finally realized there is a market for it. No wonder Tim sold some of his stock. The price is too high and over valued Apple. It may soon drop back to around 400 line if Apple can not come out any revelutional idea soon.

    By the way, I think this “new” iPad should be named iPad 2S.

  • Greed

    why did they upgrade the back camera first? the front needed it more, you
    facetime with the front one (i could only imagine how a 0.3 vga front
    camera is going to look on this retina display !)

    otherwise yes the screen should be very impressive and no other maker will have it for several months-to-a-year

    but if the screen has such a high resolution, video recorded (1080p) and
    movies will be upscaled, really the only thing the screen is
    good-looking for is pictures…..and we’ll see how many games/apps/sites
    actually utilize a 2048-by-1536 screen. I don’t see the benefit of
    making it more than 1080?

    why does apple claim the a5x is “almost identical” to cpu on ipad 2??? Any results on the gpu comparison yet?

  • RandomThought

    All Apple cares about with its devices is end performance. For Apple, it doesn’t matter whether the hardware specifications are a year behind or 10 years behind. If the end user experience is smooth, its a good device. User’s should not really have to care about what hardware is in their device at all.

    And yes, I agree the “new”iPad should be names iPad 2S. It is essentially that. 

  • joecmwu

    Speaking of the end user experience, I own both Playbook and iPad 2, and have played around a couple of Android tablets, for me, I still think the Playbook OS is more user friendly amount these 3, even before its 2.0 upgrade. After the upgrade, I can now use it for everything even without the Blackberry.

    I can use my Playbook all day long without pressing any hard or soft button, including on and off.

    Playbook is equipped with mini HDMI port for you to connect to any display device capable of HD input. Don’t tell me iOS has AirPlay. How many iPad owners also own a Apple TV and every place you go will have a device accepts AirPlay?

    Apple is proud of its FaceTime, but the front facing camera sucks. Playbook has 2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera.

    Should I go on?

    The only thing I am having problem with Playbook is that it does not support Chinese input. I believe this is one of the many reasons it’s not popular. Apple made it very simple so you can buy it in any country and bring it to other country where it is not available and all you need to do is to change the language setting. That conquered a huge market in China.
    RIM really need to think about it seriously.

    My own opinion, there are only 3 kinds of people who buy iPad: first,
    thanks to Jobs’ marketing talent, lots of people, including my mom, think
    all tablets are called “iPad”, the 2nd group is those young people looking
    for fashion and stylish, which my wife falls into and that’s why I got her
    an iPad, the 3rd group is those diehard Apple fans. These people think
    whatever Apply sells is the best in the world so they are blinded to see
    the truth and afraid of admit it.

    The reason I am using iPhone is because I had been using Windows Mobile
    phone before and it really sucks. When my contract was going to end, the
    Android phone was not mature enough and I did not want to stick with
    Windows phone any more so I thought to give iPhone 4 a try. It turned out
    pretty good and no doubt the iPhone 4 was the best smart phone at the time.
    But now things have changed. I am considering to change to Android when my
    contract ends unless iPhone 5 has revolutionary design that changes my

  • xGaary

    Lol, you gotta be kidding me. Out of all the tablets there are you bring up the Playbook? The thing that everyone wanted to get rid of ASAP.  You think the Playbook is unpopular because it doesn’t have Chinese input? No, it is unpopular because it is crap and has no apps. If it weren’t for the ability to boot Android apps on it, the Playbook would’ve been long dead.

    Im no Apple fan, you know what I am a fanboy of? I am a fanboy of good shit.

    There is just no competition for the iPad right now. That is coming from a guy who had the best Android tablet, the Transformer Prime. The number of apps on iOS (esp tablet apps) just dominates Android’s. And you really have to think in a developer’s shoes. When you create an iPad app, you are creating an app for 50+% of the market. When you create an Android app and support all the different hardware and resolutions and OSes you still don’t earn as much as you do on iOS. Did you read about MikaMobile ending Android development? 

    “We spent about 20% of our total man-hours last
    year dealing with Android in one way or another – porting, platform
    specific bug fixes, customer service, etc.  I would have preferred
    spending that time on more content for you, but instead I was
    thanklessly modifying shaders and texture formats to work on different
    GPUs, or pushing out patches to support new devices without crashing, or
    walking someone through how to fix an installation that wouldn’t go
    through.  We spent thousands on various test hardware.  These are the
    unsung necessities of offering our apps on Android.  Meanwhile, Android
    sales amounted to around 5% of our revenue for the year, and continues
    to shrink.  Needless to say, this ratio is unsustainable.”

    Until that problem is fixed, iOS will always dominate Android in apps and frankly, without good apps, what is a tablet good for.

  • Karim Bhaidani


  • RandomComment

    I own a Playbook, Galaxy Tab, iPad, iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab. I am no “fan boy.” I  buy these products for fun. I consider myself as neutral. 

    I love the Playbook OS. Its good. I wouldn’t call it “user friendly”, but its still smooth. It had a lot of problem initially (i.e. couldn’t render PDF’s properly, Blackberry Bridge etc.) but they have been solved over time. I still feel that the iPad has more to offer. What can I do on my Playbook that I can’t do on my iPad. Flash? The last time I used flash was three years ago (I don’t have flash installed on my computer as well since its the cause for many crashes). 

    And I can plug my iPad/iPhone into an HD screen using the HDMI adapter that Apple provides. Yes, agreed, they should not be selling an extra device for me to that. But I’d rather have a thin device.

    At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. I prefer the larger screen on the iPad over the Playbook. And I prefer iOS over Galaxy Tab. 

    Characterizing those who buy iPad’s into three categories is both naive and stupid in my opinion. 

  • RandomComment

    *EDIT ….Playbook, Galaxy Tab, iPad, iPad 2 and I’ve order the “new” iPad….

  • pho

    lol. Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

  • joecmwu

    A businessman will ditch the smaller market and focus on a bigger market is a common sense and it is why iOS has more dev over Android and over Playbook. If any of Android or Playbook has more market share than iPad, the whole thing will turn the opposite way.

    Transformer Prime is “the best” Android tablet!!?? You are kidding me.
    Did I say that “it is one of the many reasons…….”? It is indeed Playbook’s problem that it does not support as many languages as iOS does.
    More popular device will attract more dev to design apps. More apps will make the device more popular. This is golden rule of business. Simple is the best advantage of iOS. It’s going to take Android some time and some hard work to get to that. For Playbook, it’s gonna be very hard or even not possible. Sad but it’s true. They failed at the very important beginning and now it’s hard to catch up.

  • pho

    excuse me but @xGaary already explained this in his reply to your comment.  Which part you still don’t understand?

  • joecmwu

    Indeed, when comes to the end it’s all about personal preference. As for the characterizing the user groups, it is my personal opinion so I don’t want to comment on your “personal opinion”.

  • joecmwu

    Yeah, one thing I don’t understand. Why both of you used “unregistered” name to comment my post? Something to hide or you are eventually the same person?

  • xGaary

     LOL first of all, me and “pho” are not the same person. We are both registered under a DISQUS account and have posts that date way back.

    And I am not even gonna argue about why a certain device is better anymore. Because as a consumer, I only care about whether a device is good, I don’t care why it is good. I don’t care  that iOS has the best apps because there is a bigger market, I only care that iOS has the best apps period. And this cycle of iOS having the best apps resulting in a bigger market resulting in more better apps and so on is going to continue until Google or Microsoft or RIM puts out something good.

    Speaking of RIM, their Blackberry phones were a big market back then. But I didn’t see their development boom like you said they would if they had a bigger market.