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Netflix Coming to Canada, iPad?

by on July 19th, 2010

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.

I couldn’t be happier at this news. Seriously, I have been waiting for Netflix to come to Canada even before Apple had the iPhone. I’ve formerly been a Zip.ca Member but was so disappointed in the fact that they did not offer downloadable content that I cancelled, in favor of easier (and less legitimate) methods of obtaining on-demand tv shows and movies. I’ve been pretty vocal about wanting a streaming TV/movie App on the iPhone, but honestly never thought that Netflix would jump into the game this late – I guess they finally got past all the CRTC regulations.

With the announcement that Netflix is bringing Streaming services (at this time, it appears they will not be doing Mail-DVD option) to Canada begs the question, How Long Before we get an iPad App. Hopefully, not long. However we will still have to wait until the service is launched here later this year. Here’s some info from the Press Release:

Netflix Inc. will make its international debut this fall when the rapidly growing movie subscription service offers video over the Internet in Canada.

The question of how much the Canadian service will cost remains unanswered. Netflix’s most popular packages in the U.S. cost $9 to $17 per month. The company, which is based in Los Gatos, Calif., could provide more details Wednesday when it’s scheduled to release its second-quarter earnings.

This will mark the first time that Netflix has offered a service confined to delivering video over high-speed Internet connections. All its U.S. subscription packages combine Internet streaming with DVDs delivered through the mail.

The Canadian service initially will be available in English only, with a French version expected to come later.

If Internet streaming catches on in Canada, many analysts expect Netflix to enter other countries, with Britain considered to be the next logical candidate for expansion.

If you’re as excited about this news as I am, you should sign up for email updates directly from Netflix Canada at Netflix.ca

chantelleReally, far too excited by this news, how about you?

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  • Ainyul

    This will ensure rogers, videotron and the like act fast to bring something to the market; as of now there isnt a viable option out there for direct viewing of old and new shows and movies..

    thank you netflix!!

  • Itsmegerald

    Don't mean to be a buzz kill but expect very very limited selection in Canada – akin to what it's like shopping in the Canadian iTunes store. Useless! But it might make it easier to access the U.S. Netflix store so that would be good.

  • Yet, the TV shows might be limited – but at the very least I think this should be motivation for Global, CTV, etc to come up with their own Apps. Also, the Movie selection should be near-identical, I think. 🙂

  • It isn't near identical on Xbox Live for the Zune movie service so I doubt it will be on Netflix either. Will be a small limited subset no doubt. I'm not holding my breath for anythign too exicitng to come out of this.

  • iVictoria

    A Netflix App for iPad (streaming video and TV) already exists on the US iTunes site. It is part of the unlimited streaming package they have in the US. You can read about it on the US iTunes site (search “Netflix”). Presumably the same or similar App will be made available in Canada for Canadian Netflix subscribers. This was bound to come to Canada sooner or later (this year apparently) but more interesting would be an App that allows us to send the streamed video from our iPad to a large screen TV – similar to what can be done with Apple TV.

  • itsmegerald

    Actually films will be very limited as well, since Netflix would have to renegotiate Canadian distribution rights for any films released through streaming. This is why the Canadian iTunes store has a pitiful film selection and an even worse TV selection. But Netflix Canada is a start, and the service will improve as proper clearances are made.
    Will you be able to stream Date Night? Yes. Will you be able to steam The Conformist? No.
    Maybe one day!

  • shareable

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