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Netflix Canada on iPad Review: Works Great

by on September 23rd, 2010

If you haven’t heard the incredible news, Netflix has officially launched in Canada. They have offered up some of the most aggressive pricing I’ve seen for streaming content–just $7.99/month for unlimited all-you-can-watch.

But there’s a caveat though–there are only about 7000 titles and newer content is still coming. However, there are still hidden gems available–you just have to search for them. For me, I just started watching Mad Men. All three seasons are on Netflix! I can avoid doing the ‘downloading’ thing and just stream them instantly to my iPhone, iPad or Mac.

What about streaming to other devices? You can already stream to your PS3 and Wii (XBOX coming soon). Soon, we can expect this service for the Apple TV as well.

How Does Netflix Canada Work on the iPad?

You really have to give props to the Netflix team. The interface is extremely similar on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. On my iPad, there’s more screen real estate to browse what titles are available based on your preferences.

Video quality is excellent. As shows and movies start their initial stream to the iPad, it’s not very clear but it cleans right up to a very crisp display. One of my favourite features of Netflix is the ability to resume any movie/video where you left off. No matter what device, you can easily resume where you last left off. It’s actually quite cool.

If you’re looking for an easy way to stream movies and TV shows, Netflix is a very affordable solution that will let you watch media no matter where you go. The integration with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is seamless.

How do you like Netflix on the iPad? Click here to sign up for the free one month trial!

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  • Yes it does work well and at first glance looks like it has a lot of content – I agree Mad Men is a great example. But that is probably because Mad Men must hold a record for the most highly awarded show to have almost no viewers. If it were on a major network it would have been aced for lousy ratings but fortunately survives. Most eveything else I search for just leads to a prompt that that show or movie is not available but you might like one of these 3 others. I’m giving them til the end of their one month trial to see if more content comes before I decide if it is worth $7.99. The aggressive pricing is because they are not doing any physical shipping of DVDs like they do in the States.

    BTW, I was notified yesterday that my Boxee Box is ready for shipping from Futureshop but awaiting release date. Good that it will have Netflix and hopefully more content by ship date. As for now – time to catch up on Mad Med…I have 29 more days!

  • Regmaples

    Do you ever give anything a bad review? The early reviews of Netflix Canada by users is 90% negative due to the fact that they only have about 10% of the content available on the US site. No Office, Family Guy, Arrested Development, Simpsons, etc. etc. etc.

  • flantastic

    Really!? I find that the netflix app is terrible. It is slooow and not at all a smooth user experience as we have come to know and love from apple products. It looks like the app is literally just a browser that takes you to the netflix website… After every single click there is loading time. I also found that resuming videos did not work as well as you say. Maybe half of the time it would resume properly, and half it would start from the beginning. For some reason when I watched one tv show, it showed up on top of my main page as a recently viewed title, which was greqt because i could easily click back to see a new episode. But when watching another show, this did not happen, forcing me to have to click through to find the show each time…and this show had two season that had the exact same cover art, which made it that much more annoying. This show also did not play well, it kept stopping and starting, and the quality was terrible…it wasnt HD so i expected it to be more pixelated, but this was practically unwatchable. Content aside (which is very limited at this point, but i do expect that to improve), the experience for me is not worth paying for. I’ve also already seen a few ‘page not found’ errors. Hopefully it is just a matter of introductory serevers, or volume, or something similar…but if it doesn’t improve after my 1 month trial, I won’t be paying for it, which is a shame because I have been waiting for something like this to come to Canada forever!

  • itsmegerald

    Must say after checking it out, Netflix is a catastrophe. Selection worse than a 7-11 store. No search by director or star. Films in wrong format with no option for widescreen. And of course, 9 out of 10 films I wanted were ‘unavailable.’ Worst of all is there arbitrary grouping of films. They’ve decided The Godfather falls into “Father Son” stories and recommend you watch Benji. Ridiculous and stupid.

  • disappointed

    First the good:
    1) the price
    2) the quality of the stream

    Now the bad:
    Every time I searched for a title, it was ‘Not Available’
    I tried ‘Twilight’ and anything that was related (Twilight Zone, etc) was Not Available
    So then I tried ‘Mission Impossible’, again, Not Available
    So then I tried ‘Trek’, again, nothing available

    So then I gave up and will cancel my free subscription since
    what’s the point of launching a video library where nothing of any desirable
    content is available.

  • Nope. Only 110% positive for everything I review.

    It’s the first month. More content will come.

  • $7.99/month, you can’t expect much for that. Go buy two lattes instead.

  • Rick in Vancouver

    I do not see how this would work… I have bandwidth limits.
    I have 6 GB limit on my home internet, and 500 MB for my iphone
    Otherwise it would have been good.
    You must have unlimited for iphone or?

  • Anonymous

    Netflix Canada offers very old movies and shows.
    US Netflix has 10 times more movies and there are plenty of new releases.
    I am using usvideo.ca to watch US Netflix from Canada. Works on my AppleTV too.

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