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My Initial iPad Impressions

by on April 6th, 2010

I’ve had it for a little over a day, but long enough to form some definite impressions that are likely to last.

Should I have waited for the 3G version? I decided against buying the high-end 3G, 64 Gig model because I expect before too long a second generation iPad with new features will come to market. If my iPhone purchase history is any guide, I’ll be first in line for the second generation model, too, but only if I have found this “practice” one useful.

Moreover, no Canadian wireless carrier has yet announced an economical iPad plan similar to what AT&T is offering to US residents; maybe by the time the next generation iPad is released similar cost-effective, pay-as-you-go, cancel-anytime plans will be available here, too.

My initial reaction to the iPad is very favourable over-all. Setting up my various email accounts was made especially easy because the required information could be copied directly from my iPhone’s system preferences pane, as both use the same operating system and present the information in the same way. MobileMe automatically took care of copying over my address book, calendar, and bookmarks.

Many reviewers, not to mention Apple itself, have extolled the iPad’s many exciting possibilities. I, too, think it is a transformational device that will appeal to technophobes and technophiles alike, although for different reasons, of course. My cavils are insignificant within the big picture.

My biggest disappointment has to do with running iPhone apps on the iPad. We were led to believe that most of these would run natively on the iPad, but for the ones that I use most—ones that rely on reading text, like Dropbox—the results have been very disappointing. They’re nusable, really. But I’ve never, for example, played a computer game of any sort on any device; so your apps may differ.

I think an iPad case will prove essential. The iPad is not as easy to handle as an iPhone; it is bigger and heavier, and has a very slippery surface. Without the added traction that a case would afford, I can see it soon slipping off my lap or out of my hands and onto my hard slate floor. A case, I think, is a must, both to keep it off the floor or to cushion it when, despite my best efforts, it eventually does end up there. And it will.

John Southin is a retired Biology professor (McGill) now living in Eastern Ontario. @jlsouthin

“Why are you crying?”- Pilobolus (my cat)

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