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Must See: “Swiping Through Cinema, Touching Through Glass” [HD VIDEO]

by on April 16th, 2012

Folks at BERG London, a network of expert practitioners in electronic and mechanical engineering, have just come up with something really amazing. Experimenting with product photography using cinematic techniques, the studio has come up with an interesting concept for shopping on iPad. By extracting images from HD videos of the products and controlling stuff like depth of field, focus, lighting, exposure, frame-rate and camera positions, they have taken exploring product imagery to a whole new level.

It’s really hard to explain in words but you’ll get the idea once you watch the video below.

Swiping through cinema

This is a beautiful 1960′s Rolex that we shot in video while pulling focus across the surface the watch. On the iPad, the focus is then under your control, the focal point changes to match your finger as it taps and swipes across the object. Your eye and finger are in the same place, you are in control of the locus of attention.

Touching through glass

This next experiment really fascinated us. We shot a glass jar full of thread bobbins rotating in front of the camera, on the iPad you can swipe to explore these beautiful, intricate colourful objects.

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  • Wuju007

    Where can I tried it on the iPad? A site or a download link to get to experience the rolex watch, or glass jar on the iPad?

  • Laserheart

    Interesting, but it seems they are merely swiping through a recorded video, with touchpoints related to the area of focus  (for instance, clicking on a specific area fast forwards or rewinds the video to that area in focus).

    You will notice he swipes left and right to slide through the video frames and up and down to slide through the focus frames.

    For a real example of real-time focusing techniques, check out the Lytro light field camera.  Using this demo you can focus the pictures by clicking anywhere on them.  These aren’t prerecorded vidoes… it is actually focussing the picture after the fact:

  • I must be missing something. First, this is a year old. Next, its a guy swiping around objects. We’ve seen most of this done umpteen times before, it just seems like they’re trying to highlight a production that might have been intriguing in May of 2010, but now this sort of stuff just seems overdone.