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Mugged Developer Gets Replacement iPad and Email from Jobs

by on June 14th, 2010

Here’s an interesting story to brighten up your Monday. A Chinese developer representing TenCent (China’s dominant IM client) was invited to attend the 2010 WWDC from Apple but ended up getting mugged in San Francisco for his iPad. He gets roughed up and his iPad gets smashed. What’s a guy to do? Visit the Apple Store!

Upon hearing his story, the Apple Store replaces his iPad and not only that, he receives an email from Steve Jobs wishing him a safe journey home. Now that’s what you call taking care of your developers and customers. I wonder if the Microsoft Store would do the same to replace a damaged HP Slate/Courier (vaporware)?

If you take a look at the pictures below you can see a bruise on the guy’s head (he’s also sporting a WWDC jacket). At least he didn’t get his finger ripped off like this guy.

[9to5Mac via TenCent]

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  • Xaroc

    It's things like this that really make you respect apple. I have read similar stories such as that woman who tried to buy an ipad with cash, and got denied. They delivered one to her house afterwords.
    Not to mention Steve jobs acually taking time out of his day to contact common people such as us. As short as it may be.

    When ever Common people contact Microsoft your lucky enough to get in contact with a man named amir from Pakistan repisenting Microsoft who can only answer questions that is pre-writen on his desk lol

  • Reianz

    LOL! I was robbed of an iPad 2 weeks ago by 3 Caucasians and got severe road rashes on all of my limbs. Gave Apple a call and they said they can't do anything about it. Went to the Apple store to get some stuff and told them the story when they had asked and all they said was “I'm sorry for you”. Guess Apple and Jobs give special attention to those that they feel are important.