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Mozilla Introduces iPad Browser ‘Junior’ Prototype [VIDEO]

by on June 18th, 2012

At a recent presentation, Mozilla‘s Product Design Strategy team demonstrated a prototype iPad browser named ‘Junior‘, something the company has been working on for several months, reports The VergeAlex Limi of Mozilla said that Safari for iPad is “a miserable experience” so we wanted to make something entirely new. He added that the team has “reinvented the browser for a new form factor”. He further said Junior was born out of necessity since as of now, Mozilla has “no vehicle on one of the biggest consumer platforms in the world.”

Folks at The Verge have detailed how Mozilla’s Junior iPad browser actually looks like:

To start off, it’s a full-screen experience. Rather than sticking an address bar (and tabs) at the top of the app, Junior’s predominant user interface consists of two buttons placed about a third the way up the iPad’s screen. First is a back arrow, and that does exactly what you’ve come to expect. On the right side of the screen is a plus symbol, and that’s how you’ll be interacting with the browser most often.

Mozilla might be sacrificing tabs in the name of simplicity, but the company hasn’t forgotten about other popular browser functions like reload, forward, and print. Each of the main two buttons can be expanded to reveal a total of six operations, though the team hasn’t finalized what those will be.

We don’t expect Mozilla to ship Junior in the immediate future — the browser is still missing some fundamentals (e.g. a progress indicator) and its developers continue to debate what features to implement. Still, it’s promising to see that the company is exploring what’s possible on the iPad platform rather than merely trying to shove a desktop Firefox experience onto Apple’s tablet. 

Check out the video demo of Mozilla’s Junior for iPad:

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