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Missing iPad Apps To Become Widgets?

by on February 2nd, 2010

During Apple’s keynote release of the iPad, many users noticed how bare the lock screen and home screen looked on the new device. Yes it has a larger display than an iPhone or iPod Touch, but the home screen area still looked very empty.

A possible reason for this is that many of the apps that are found on the iPod Touch and iPhone were missing from the iPad. Applications such as Weather, Stocks, Clock, and Calculator were no where to be found on iPad demo models. So where could they be?

Kevin Fox from Fury.com puts forth an interesting thought:

“These apps are missing from the launchpad because they’re no longer apps. They’re dashboard widgets.”

Then John Gruber of Daring Fireball notes his thoughts:

“Until April 2007, the iPhone 1.0 Weather, Stocks, and Calculator apps were Dashboard-style HTML/JavaScript widgets. Jobs called them “widgets” on stage at the MWSF iPhone debut, and I later verified it with informed sources. (The iPhone OS 1.0 jailbreakers even found an empty /Library/Widgets/ folder.) Apple scrapped them and reimplemented them as native apps late in the game because the performance just wasn’t there — they all felt sluggish.”

Two interesting perspectives. Fox is for Widgets and Gruber is for native installation.

Personally it would not matter to me either way, but if the missing apps were implemented as the Mac OS X Dashboard view, that would be very, very neat.


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