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Microsoft Unveils their ‘iPad Killer’: The Surface Tablet

by on June 18th, 2012

Microsoft today unveiled their newest tablet offering to compete with Apple’s iPad–the Surface. Microsoft describes it as:

A tablet that’s a unique expression of entertainment and creativity. A tablet that works and plays the way you want. A new type of computing. Surface.

Here’s what Microsoft’s Surface offers:

  • A new Windows Store to download apps
  • 9.3mm thin design, USB port, kickstand, microSD slot
  • 10.6″ 16:9 widescreen HD display
  • Touch Cover: 3mm thin pressure sensitive cover that also doubles as keyboard/touchpad. Connects via magnets (actually a pretty cool idea). Available in 5 colours (including PINK!)
  • Dual cameras for LifeCam chat and dual mics
  • Comes with magnesium casing
  • 2 Models: an ARM-compatible Windows RT (32GB/64GB) and another running Intel-compatible Windows 8 Pro (128GB)
  • Pricing: TBA
  • Availability: TBA

Okay, so does Microsoft have a winner here with the Surface? It resembles a larger version of the PlayBook but what really irritates me is the lack of pricing or availability. This is classic Microsoft, just nothing but vaporware when it comes to these events. Sounds great, but how will customers embrace this new tablet? We’ll have to wait and see.

Insert Microsoft Surface promo video below:

For full live coverage of today’s live event announcement, check out The Verge. What do you think of the Surface?

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  • Dwynca83

    Sigh… Another Killer?! It’s funny because every killer phone, tablet as pronounced by “experts” end up dead themselves.
    That said… It looks good. Don’t doubt it will be a very solid, maybe even great device. Plus competition is great for us consumers but there is no competing with Apple.
    While others are trying to make the next great product, Apple is trying to integrate their products into our DNA and damn near create an household run by their system.

  • Kirk

    I agree I’m actually typing this on my iPad right now. Using dictation of course so I guess that doesn’t mean I’m typing ha ha.

  • I do love the competition aspect. At least Microsoft is trying to make their mark…

  • Newinterest

    I like it. Apple hasn’t done anything really “great” in awhile. I’m getting sick of minor upgrades every year.

    USB Port, MicroSD… Very tempting

  • r2g


  •  I agree.

  • Yverrrr

    I wonder if it sucks like everything else Microsoft touches.

  • Anonymous

    More competition the better…. If it wasn’t for competition the new Ipad would just now be receiving a camera.

    I’m not so much wowed by the surface as I am the cover. Protection and a keyboard super thin like that is a great design. Surprised Apple didn’t come up with that first. Maybe they were waiting for Ipad 6 to introduce it 😛

    Bored of the iPad and it’s design already…

  • Microsoft cannot seem to decide what they are trying to do. Is it a tablet or a netbook? Despite “Metro”, you have to have a keyboard and mouse/trackpad to use windows properly. I have tried using windows using Onlive desktop on my iPad and I found the controls in regular windows apps to be unwieldy for touch.

    They really should have tried the Courier project. While it might not have been my cup of tea, it would be appealing to some and a total departure from “windows”.