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Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad Introduction Events Compared [VIDEO]

by on June 20th, 2012

A couple days ago Microsoft announced their foray into the tablet/PC market with the Surface. Microsoft hasn’t revealed availability dates, pricing, or battery life–but they do claim it’s going to be awesome. Below is a video comparing the Microsoft Surface announcement to that of the original iPad event hosted by Steve Jobs. Let us know if you spot any similarities:

Best part? The Surface freezing up on stage and having to grab a backup demo unit. Priceless. Oh, and for some reason I can’t keep a straight face whenever Steve Ballmer speaks on stage. He’s just too awesome.

[via ReadWriteWeb, @buzzbishop]

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  • Happiphone

    That was brilliant. Freaking microsoft, just roll over and play dead already.

  • Dwynca83

    Perhaps it’s my inner geek, but the reality for me is ANY new piece of technology seems great and I’d love to have one.  At one time or another, I genuinely wanted a Palm Pre, BlackBerry, HP TouchPad and a PlayBook to name a few, not necessarily because they were the “best” product but rather just something new for me to play with.
    That said, I wish Microsoft all the luck in the World, trying to not only persuade people to either abandon their current tablet (iPad or other) and come aboard the Surface (considering we know nothing about apps, developers, etc) but gain a substantial new following based on the lack of information.
    As great as the iPad is, what many fail to realize is millions may have upwards of hundreds of dollars invested in various apps from gaming to work. The notion that people will up and leave after spending $500+ (Not including accessories and apps) is a tough sell. And to get new customers?? They can/will but…
    1. How much is it?
    2. What about the apps? Who’s (developers) on board?

    PS…What do all three highly anticipated devices mentioned above have in common?

  • Winning line

  • Great point about the investment of apps.

    Yup, those tablets are dead.

  • All of those devices you mentioned are now effectively dead. Microsoft won the desktop war because of applications and games but now Apple is winning the war because of apps and games on iOS.

    If you create a great platform with excellent developer support, the apps will come. Microsoft made a major mistake with WP7 by only allowing .NET development support through XNA which cost them time. Only now are they realizing that you have to support C/C++ to have great games with great game engines on your platform. You have to give developers access to cross platform code if you want to be able to have games quickly ported to your platform.

    I’m glad that Apple supported C/C++ in addition to Objective-C from the very beginning and now even tolerates Monotouch (.NET on unix) app development which means that .NET devs like me can get quickly up to speed on iOS without having to learn a lot of Objective-C first.

    Many of the top games on iOS use C/C++ based engines originally made of PCs and consoles.

  • rhodz_99

    At first, i was excited about surface, but when i heard the news that it will be available 6 months from now, it would be better to wait for the next gen iPad which apple is launching every march.

  • Ronaldo

    the freezing demo unit was a disaster.. lol..

  • William

    At least they kept a backup knowing that it may freeze…

  • Kirk

    Haha… Priceless