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Looking For An iPad 2? Post Store Inventory Here!

by on March 27th, 2011

List updated: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT

Retail Store update: Reserve & Pickup your iPad 2 in-store based on availability.

As we pass the iPad 2 launch weekend, many buyers are still looking for an iPad 2 in Canada. The majority of Apple Authorized Dealers sold out on Friday, however many Apple Stores had available inventory into late Saturday.

As inventory gets tighter, let’s make a unified place for people to quickly double check iPad 2 availability in their local city.

Using the comments below, or email us, update your iPad 2 inventory finds. Here is a guide:

1.) What Apple Store did you visit/contact?
2.) What iPad 2 inventory is left?
3.) What time/date did you make this contact?

We will update this post throughout the day.

Apple Store Inventory


  • Chinook: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Market Mall: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Southgate: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • West Edmonton: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out

British Columbia

  • Oakridge: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Pacific Centre: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Richmond: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out


  • Polo Park: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out


  • Eaton Centre: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Fairview: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Rideau: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Sherway: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Square One: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Upper Canada Mall: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Yorkdale: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out


  • Carrefour Laval: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Fairview Pointe Claire: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Place Ste. Foy: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out
  • Sainte-Catherine: Tuesday March 29 7AM PDT – Sold Out

Other than Apple Stores, all other third-party retailers (Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, etc) have very limited inventory of all iPad 2 models and colors. It’s best to contact the specific store for more information.

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  • anon

    Peterborough, ON Futureshop – 11:00 AM EDT Sunday, sold out

  • Anonymous

    oakridge vancouver apple store 1pm saturday sold out

  • xyber

    Futureshop Richmond Hill ON – 11AM EDT – sold out

  • fotoboi

    Furtureshop Markham and bestbuy (markville mall) sold out…

  • Brian L

    NE Edmonton FS sold out all models/colours.

  • Jpacitto

    Upper Canada mall sold out as of Saturday March 26, 11am.

  • Anonymous

    Just got back from Sherway Gardens. They’re sold out. Sales person I spoke with wasn’t sure what day this week they would receive any new inventory.

  • guest

    2 pm Saturday, polo park Winnipeg, sold out of all Wifi models

  • Gunfus

    I called them on Friday at 8:45 and they told me they were sold out already.. Were they keeping some for Saturday, or were they just confused… Either way it makes me upset that they gave me incorrect information. She even said try net week..

  • Anonymous

    Best buy Scarborough town centre sold out as of Saturday @ 8pm

  • Finner

    Just returned from the Toronto Eaton Centre with my 16GB WiFi in black model. A line-up of 6 people were there when I arrived and I spoke to the Apple rep at the front of the line. She didn’t tell me specific stock, however the feeling I got was they should have enough to last the day. I arrived at 12:30pm EST and left the store by 1pm. Note of advice, pay by credit card, as you will avoid the debit line at the back of the store. Sales reps have wireless devices on hand to make it an easy experience!

  • Michandairy

    Simply computing kamloops BC, sold out march 25th
    Futureshop kamloops, sold out march 25th

  • Al

    was there any 16GB wifi white left :D?

  • Jayo6969

    just got one eatons center 4 people in like in and out 30 min

  • Square One was sold out as of yesterday.

  • Finner

    There were Al, yes. When i asked for my 16gb, they asked white or black? i said black as first option, but white will do. The rept told me there was both available. Just not sure how many pal, they were not that specific.

  • asdmd

    Eaton centre has stock, just called, on my way down!

  • Harold

    Vancouver Pacific Centre: black wifi 16 & 32 only.

  • Marko

    Future Shop in Oakville: Sold Out

  • Reianz

    I have a Black 16GB wifi iPad 2 and a White 64GB 3G iPad 2 for sale in Vancouver. I hope this comment is allowed haha. lined up for 2 of these models yesterday @ Pacific Centre.

  • Cdubb80

    do you know if there are huge lines?

  • Undermycloud

    Apple Store Sainte-Catherine Montreal – iPad2 16Go and 32Go WiFi noirs and 64Go 3G blanc. Noon Sunday 27 March.

  • Hyrules

    Apple Rideau store in ottawa had iPad 2 @ 11:30 AM yesterday the 26th.

  • asdmd

    Eaton centre, bought white ipad 2 wifi!

  • Zachary

    Future Shop – Oshawa (If any one cares) – SOLD OUT

  • Hhh

    it could be that it was sold out on friday at 8:45 but Jpacitto checked at 11am on Saturday and hence the update above……

  • Redsgj

    Best Buy Burlington sold out as of Sunday (Mar 27) afternoon

  • Devonanne

    Richmond Apple Store in Vancouver is sold out of everything as of 1pm March 27.

  • Loutzl

    Pacific centre Vancouver Black WiFi 32 gb only 1:39 pm

  • geiko

    Fredericton, New Brunswick Futureshop had one 64 GB + 3G white model around 2PM yesterday (March 26th). I’d imagine sold out now.

  • Chisquare110

    Westworld Computers, Rocky Ridge London Drugs and Future Shop Beacon Hill in Calgary all sold out (Sunday around noon)

  • scott

    Best Buy and Future Shop in St. Catherines are sold out all models

  • scott

    as of Sunday 10 AM

  • Jac

    Bestbuy in coquitlam and Metrotown are sold out

  • RL

    London Drugs Kerrisdale – Sold Out

  • Windenis

    Québec Place Ste-Foy sold out

  • Anonymous

    Apparently most ld locations got barely any iPads. The Guildford location got 3. Not 3 of eAch, just 3.

  • Mrbillyto

    Picked up a black 16G WiFi at the Eaton Centre this afternoon around 2pm. The Apple rep said it was the last 16G wifi. Only waited in line for about 10 minutes.
    Sold out of the red Smart cover. Anyone know of stock of the red smart cover in the GTA?

  • joycough

    anyone know of any 64gb (black) wifi only left in calgary?

  • Vacario01

    Any 32g wifi only black in Calgary?

  • Trendspotter77

    Apple Store Southgate Centre in Edmonton all sold out as of Sunday March 27.

  • Vacario01

    Any in Calgary ?

  • tomer


    Made my purchase yesterday. They had 20 units left of the iPad 16GB wifi and dozens of units of other types of sizes. I called them this morning and they have tons left.

  • Devonanne

    Best Buy and Future Shop allow you to check store stock online now. Maybe not totally reliable for specific models, but probably a good way to see in general if they get a shipment in.

  • Guest

    Anyone have a more recent update for the Apple Store Sainte-Catherine Montreal? Thinking of going trmw to pick one up and canceling my online order if there are any black 32gb

  • CSC Toronto didn’t answer my email so I assumed they had no iPads (and no courtesy) left.

  • The Toronto Apple Eaton Centre rep told me at ~4pm that had only the black 32gb wifi model left.

  • Future Shop Yonge & Eglinton – 6pm = sold out.
    Future Shop Yonge & Dundas – 4:25pm = sold out.
    Best Buy Yonge & Dundas – 4:20pm = sold out.

  • Rrcjonathan

    Market mall ?

  • StevieW

    Craigslist has some. Some are at list price.

    Apple will always honour the warranty. Beware the inflated prices – but have a look!

  • 3dmund

    I got the last iPad 16gb black wifi around 2pm. Was their last ticket

  • Kellya

    Futureshop Moncton NB
    sold out as of Saturday
    Wall mart had several though… 32 and 16 gb in variety of 3G and wifi options

  • Rrcjonathan

    Thanks for the update ,,, appreciate it

  • Jmailfever

    FYI…Bell added a new 500mb/$20 monthly prepaid plan.

  • Rideau is sold out…

  • Megan Huntley

    Just called Apple Store Eaton Centre and they say they are sold out. I’ll be heading over at 11am to check.

  • Ex

    Let us know!

  • Lhodson

    London Drugs, Maple Ridge BC – Sold Out

  • Perhaps you should write at the top of the page the date and time you last updated the consolidated list? Or use a wiki?

  • Anonymous

    Walmart?? I called two Walmarts in Edmonton. They told me no iPad 2’s untill first week of April. You sure they weren’t first gen??

  • Megan Huntley

    Eaton Centre sold out as of Mar 28th 11am. Asked about next shipment and was simply told to call and check often. I was told they receive shipments of product daily but they don’t know what will be in each shipment.

  • Cookiethanh89

    Montreal ste-catherine store sold out today.

  • Tony B.

    Apple Store Sainte-Catherine – Monday March 28 11:00 AM EST – Sold Out

  • Silverjunkie

    Market Mall – sold out and Chinook is pretty close to being sold out too (they are very limited)

  • Tony B.

    Yes totally true. I will call them in a while and check if they got any. Please post back too if you have any new information. I think they should receive by today, cause usually a FedEx truck passes by daily and delivers new items.

  • Daveslocker

    Monday 11:45 am – Yorkdale, Toronto. – Sold out

  • Mareglavan

    Yorkdale mall (Toronto). Apple store. Sold out as of Sunday, March 27th.

  • Anonymous

    All Edmonton Best Buys – sold out. Sunday March 27 11:30 am.

  • Tony B.

    Apple Store Sainte-Catherine – Monday March 28 12:00 PM EST – Sold Out

  • Anomolish

    Upper Canada Mall: Sold Out as of 9:40am Monday

  • Guest

    Apple Store Sainte-Catherine Montreal Sold Out as of March 27th 2pm – said they were expecting a shipment sometime this week

  • Guest

    Calgary Chinook had some 32gb an hour ago, but only 16gb as of 1/2 an hour ago, and a lineup about a dozen long

  • Cookiethanh89

    Yes that is the case but they will usually keep the stock until the next morning. Thats what theyve done with the iphone 4

  • Both Simply Computing and Futureshop at Broadway and Pine in Vancouver are out of everything still as of 10:30am PST monday.

  • crazy price…. needs to be at least 1GB for that kind of money. I’m not saying the others aren’t crazy too, but 500MB is just going to lead you into a bunch of overage fees unless you’re SUPER careful.

  • Queensborough Best Buy in New Westminster says in-stock on the site for the 16GB black wifi model… not going to be able to make it over there today though… 🙁

  • Flipcan02

    1.) Best Buy – Red Deer Alberta

    2.) 2 Black 16GB wifi / 1 White 16 GB wifi

    3.) May 28, 10:30 am

  • Synk

    I got a Black iPad2 64gig Wi-Fi only for sale best offer gets it

  • Devonanne

    Best Buy Coquitlam got a few in – 32gb white wifi and 64gb 3G. There is 1 white 32gb left as of right now (Monday March 28 12:36pm) and some 64gb but not sure how many or what colour.

  • Guest

    called Apple Fairview Pointe Claire said they were sold out

  • Guest

    Future Shop Northland in Calgary had 3 white 64gb 3G’s this AM but are sold out as of 12:30pm.

  • Anonymous

    Mymacdealer, Edmonton. 10339 80ave. 780-702-6227. One 16gb white wifi left as of 1:58pm March 28. (no good for me, I’m looking for 32/64gb.

  • gordon

    best buy coquitlam has 6 white 64gb 3g ipads

  • Guest112wqr2

    Ill give you $0.99

  • guest

    you can now check on apple.ca if any apple retail stores have new stocks available..starting from Monday evening (according to source)

  • guest

    Peterborough, ON Futureshop sold out as of Monday Mar 28 at 4:30 PM. No new stock since launch day.

  • iPad fan

    Just called Eaton Centre at 5:15 pm on March 28. Sold out and no info on next arrival.

  • esb

    confirmed 10 mins ago that best buy coquitlam has the 64 gig 3g white in stock.

  • Anonymous

    Future Shop South Edmonton Common. Black 64gb wifi+3G. 15 left in stock as of 4:50pm on March 28. Just drove an hour to pick one up!!!! Just ask for Matt at the store.

  • Anonymous

    Quebec Fairview Pointe-Claire & Sainte-Catherine 6PM EST – Sold Out, but the employee said you can reserve online starting at 9pm EST, before that it’ll tell you the product is “unavailable”…

  • Anonymous

    Monday, March 28 @ 4:45 pm
    Best Buy and Future Shop in Central City, Surrey BC
    Both stores “out of stock, come back later”.

  • Ryu

    there is 1 box of 16 gb black wifi at Best Buy on Cambie in Vancouver British Columbia at 5:22 pm March 28th, 2011. I am not interested at it because i am looking for the 3G!

  • they were all long gone by 7pm

  • Yo_ralphie

    It was only one box anyway and it was a return completely sealed though!!

  • Yo_ralphie

    It was only one box anyway and it was a return completely sealed though!!

  • Megan

    Going to check the eaton centre again this morning as I had no luck getting what I wanted with the reservation system.

  • Megan Huntley

    Plus, I am curious to see if they set aside ALL the stock received for reservations, or just some.

  • Rahnay

    1.) Carbon Computing Ottawa, Wellington St W
    2.) Limited 16, 32 and 64GB White Wi-Fi Models in-stock (Unsure about 3G stock)
    3.) Mar 28, 2pm (bought a white 16GB)

  • Megan

    Eaton Centre saying they are sold out. I know they had stock available for reservation, so that seems to mean that all stock is being directed to the reservation list.

  • mike

    Best Buy in Kingston has a lot that came in this morning. I picked mine up just now

  • Best Buy – Leaside, Toronto – out of stock 1:30pm.

    > Other than Apple Stores, all other third-party retailers (Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, etc) have very limited inventory of all iPad 2 models and colors. It’s best to contact the specific store for more information

    Well – http://www.ipadincanada.ca/ipad-news/looking-for-an-ipad-2-post-store-inventory-here/#comment-174175249 shows showing other shops is still useful.

    I guess you mean its tedious for you to maintain the list… perhaps you should have it on a wiki?

  • Zhuaner

    Which city?

  • I would assume that Mike means Kingston, Ontario. But fair q.

  • None at BestBuy in Langford today =(

  • Mitch

    Apparently the Kingston store got a shipment of about 30 in at around 11am. I got mine at about 12:15, and it appeared they still had most of those 30 remaining. By the way, most of them were black 16GB wifi models.

  • Dennis

    So is it true that the people who reserved it online yesterday got it in store today?

  • el

    Just picked mine up at BesyBuy at Metro, Burnaby BC.
    Not sure how many is left tho. Didn’t sound like they had any 64gb..

  • iPad fan

    Just checked Eaton’s Centre reservation list and was able to get one White 32GB WiFi model. Doesn’t seem to be any more, however. Too bad that you have to wait for stock to put in your reservation for your desired model. I’d rather put in my reservation and have Apple tell me when I can pick it up (isn’t that the definition of a reservation? This is more like putting an in stock item on hold!)

  • Brianw8

    Yup Just picked up mine Calgary Market Mall

  • Adamkerry

    I just checked online stock status at some of the best buys in Vancouver, and they have iPad 2’s…

    I phoned ahead and went to the store with some friends and we were 3rd in line…got 4 ipad 2’s in total…

    On another topic, I am selling one of my iPad 2…its Brand New, sealed, 32GB White WIFI only…if you are interrested email me at [email protected]

    Anyhow…here is the stock status as of right now:

    Best Buy

    Langley, Surrey, Queensborough, Metrotown (where I went)

    Langley, Surrey


    16GB iPAD 2 WIFI + 3G WHITE

    32GB iPAD 2 WIFI + 3G BLACK

    So thats what their website says right now – i suggest phoning beforehand (unless you live really close) – when I went they were still counting and updating stock (this is at the Metrotown location)…


    Also you may want to check Futureshop as well..

    Adam 😎

  • Anonymous

    Future Shop Marché Central Montréal: As of Tuesday march 26th at Noon: They had White 16GB ones in stock !

  • Best Buy Mobile Bramalea City Centre, ON and St. Catharines, ON
    FS + Best Buy are both showing stock of 64GB white 3G

    Too far for me to go 😉

  • Adamkerry

    Ok I checked out the Futureshop Stock as of right now…

    1. Surrey – South Surrey

    2. Langley – Langley

    3. Surrey – Scott Road

    4. Surrey – Surrey

    5. Burnaby – Kingsway

    6. Coquitlam – Coquitlam Centre

    7. Richmond – Bridgeport

    8. Richmond – Lansdowne

    9. Abbotsford – Abbotsford

    10. Vancouver – Broadway and Pine

    11. Vancouver – Robson & Granville

    12. North Vancouver – North Vancouver

    13. West Vancouver – West Vancouver

    14. Chilliwack – Chilliwack

    15. Duncan – Cowichan

    16. Saanich – Victoria

    17. Victoria – Langford

    18. Nanaimo – Nanaimo

    19. Courtenay – Courtenay

    Again this is just off their website – I got one from bestbuy today by checking their website AND then CALLING the store to make sure I wasnt wasting my time heading over there…I got there I was 3rd in line and walked out with a 32GB White WIFI. They are limiting it to 1 per customer (not 2 like apple is)…

    I managed to snag 2 ipads (with the help of a friend) so if you want a 32GB White WIFI only iPAD email me at:

    [email protected]

    Happy Hunting all

  • BigD

    Various 16 and 32’s @ FutureShop Niagara Falls

  • Msecaur

    Just came back from Futureshop in Anjou (Montréal) with my black 32GB 3G iPad 2 in hand!! I’m typing on it now! I had some trouble canceling my order on the Apple Store’s web site because some items had already been prepared to ship, but a quick phone call to Apple allowed me to cancel the online order.

    They still had about a dozen in the cabinet in Anjou and the web site says there are some in Boucherville, too.

  • Anyone know what happens if some of the items (Cover, SIM – in my case) have already shipped but the iPad itself hasn’t? And if the mail order one does ever arrive can I return it to an Apple store and return it for a full refund? Thanks. M.

  • Hyuh

    So at 6PM Apple Store Online reservations will start opening up?

  • Bill

    Lots of iPads at best buy is Burlington Ontario just off Brant street and north service road mostly 32gb black wifi but they had a couple of all of them. This was at 9:00 pm on Tuesday

  • Msecaur

    Martin, this is exactly what happened to me. I ordered online on the 25th and then bought in-store last night. My SIM had already arrived, and my cover was “prepared to ship”, but not the iPad. When I tried to cancel the iPad online, I was given an error, but when I phoned them, they canceled the iPad with no problems. The stuff that had already shipped (obviously) as well as the stuff that was “prepared to ship” could not (NOT!) be cancelled. Good luck!

  • BC – Richmond – Reservation available for Wifi 3G 64GB Black

  • Bigsmokejoey

    Best Buy in Vaughan (Woodbridge) received a large order at 11am. All models and colors.
    I was told at least 10 of each.

  • Mike

    Best buys and future shops in calgary have them in. I just picked up a 32gb wifi black from deerfoot meadows bestbuy. Check the website for current stock though as i’m sure they will sell out pretty fast.

  • Sean_dyck

    Abbotsford Future Shop has a few of each model right now.

  • AV

    Future Shop at Keele/St. Clair had a shipment come in this morning (March 30th) but are already running low. Just picked up the 32GB Black Wi-Fi at 2:45pm.

  • Waswas_111

    Seriously ipad 2 is sold out cause people are buying it just to resell it for extra profit. seriously its retarded

  • iPad fan

    They are sold out now (again) 🙁

  • Agoldrickjones

    Anyone near a London Drugs might want to check availability. My local branch (in Vancouver) began a wait-list after 5 p.m. on Friday and received a healthy shipment yesterday. I was able to buy my iPad right away, without a wait or a line-up. Still pleasantly shocked by how quickly I got one!

  • Soren

    Which store did you go to? I called a a few today and none of them had anything

  • Agoldrickjones

    London Drugs at W. Broadway and Vine. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Best Buy at Scarborough Town Centre got in about 20 today – all 64g, WiFi + 3G in black. There was still about 10 when I left at about 1:30 PM.

  • Bung

    Made a lot of phone calls today in the Montreal metropolitan region.

    As of Today (March 31st, 8.00pm)
    A couple of 32G, WiFi+3G available in Future Shop Mascouche (white)
    A couple of 16G, Wifi available in Future Shop Pointe Claire (white)
    A couple of 64G, Wifi or Wifi + 3G available in Future Shop St Laurent – Cote Vertu

  • Fsodfjsn

    Like, Seriously?

  • Mikepdoyle

    The 3g rate prices are ridiculous. Like $20 for 500mb and then it jumps up to $35 for 5gb. No one needs 5gb. That works out to $7 a gb. If people could get 1gb for $10-$15, I think they would see many more people buy the 3g ipad and get a plan.

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