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Letterman: Top 10 Reasons To Buy The iPad 2

by on March 16th, 2011

If you caught David Letterman last night, you would have seen his Top 10 list of reasons to buy the iPad 2. The iPad 2 has officially gone viral!

David Letterman has made previous top ten lists for the iPhone and iPad, and now it’s the iPad 2’s turn. Check out the list below:

10. Special microchip makes it obsolete 50% faster
9. Apple will sell it to you for $100 if you tell ’em Dave sent you
8. So thin you can use it to chop vegetables!
7. Comes with a camera on the front, one on the back and one in your neighbor’s shower
6. This is off topic, but who buys tickets to see a live Charlie Sheen show?
5. New app that makes any room smell like biscuits
4. No number 4–writer still on line for an iPad 2
3. Isn’t it about time you did something for you?
2. Instead of a touch screen, it has a lick screen
1. In this economy, who doesn’t have 600 bucks to throw around?

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  • Do Americans really say they are “on line” for something? Doesn’t “in line” make infinitely more sense?

  • Rogers_what?

    Mike, you are right, it was a typo

  • Anonymous

    It will definitely be the reasons for me to buy iPad 3 if they are met.

    But really, why get an iPad while I already own an iPhone? To me, it’s just an iPhone has bigger screen but without the phone function. Pay $700 just for a bigger screen and I still have to carry my iPhone?

  • Amazing features of ipad2. I will check it out video of it.

  • Terrier_k

    yeah, they have for years, it’s just weirder now with the internet and saying waiting on line. I prefer the short word queuing myself

  • No is is right now to compete  ipad2 in Technology