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iWork iPad Apps Will Generate Almost As Much Revenue As Google Docs

by on May 11th, 2010

It will be very interesting to see Apple take on giants such as Google and Microsoft in the business world using the iWork apps for the iPad. iWork is Apple’s productivity software suite, which includes Keynote (presentation slides), Numbers (spreadsheets), and Pages (word processing). The new iWork for iPad suite takes advantage of the iPad’s multitouch input; for example, slides in Keynote, columns in Numbers, and text and graphics in Pages can be rearranged by tapping and dragging your finger.

According to the Business Insider the “iWork” apps are already on track to potentially generate more than $40 million in annual sales and in the first month, they’ve probably already passed $3 million in sales, likely making Apple the most successful iPad developer, by revenue, so far.

It is estimated that the top paid iPad app does about 7,500 unit sales on a Saturday or Sunday, and about 2,500 unit sales on a weekday.

Below are the calculations that were used to come up with the $40 million dollars:

  • In a typical week… 7,500 downloads per app x 2 weekend days, and 2,500 downloads per app x 5 weekdays, = about 27,500 weekly unit downloads per app.
  • They multiplied that by the number of apps — three — and the $10 per app Apple charges, and got about $825,000 per week. (They assumed that the three apps are roughly selling the same number of units, even though surely the top-ranked app of the three is selling more units than the third-ranked app.)

At an annualized rate, that’s about $43 million.

I haven’t used the iWork app yet (because I don’t yet have my iPad) but if anyone out there has I would be very interested in hearing your view point on the iWork apps.  Also, I couldn’t find the iWork products on the Canadian iTunes site, although I found it on the US iTunes store….interesting. I wonder if the the average person invest the money in the iWork apps?

[Business Insider]

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  • Edge

    Interesting… what wasn't as interesting is having dozens of ads flying in my face when I tried to read the article (couldn't do it, just read the first paragraph). I totally understand that this blog is a business and really just about making money, but it's been getting pretty overkill lately… Think I'll satay to the RSS feeds and mobil version that don't show the ads – wait, I just thought of something, I'll bookmark the mobile version instead so I'll just see that on my main computer – NO ADS, yay!!!!!

  • Richard

    Wish it could also remove feckless comments… including mine(?!)

  • Hyrules

    Do as i do use firefox and adblock plus. You wont have any ads problem anymore. Otherwise i'm not sure if i'm gonna use the iworks suite as i'm a pc person with office as my main production environnement.

  • Grant

    I will probably spend the money on Pages & Numbers. That's an incredibly good price for those apps as I've spent more than that on a few apps for my iPhone (BeeJive – $16, OmniFocus – $20).

    If I use them, then it's worth it.

  • konga

    I tested out Pages last night and it is not that user friendly. It supports limted options, it is ok if you use it to write a letter or something similar. I was trying to put together a design requirment document and it was a pain to use.

  • stonee

    Wow, iWork i so wonderful, their developers should be as clever as microsoft's. So, we should work hard in the direction they are going. Our company creat video converter for ipad, and although we are the best in the video converter realm, the only advatage of us is lower price than apple! I felt so upset!

  • Edge

    Great idea, thanks!!! I've ad-blocked plus everything on the site!!! I'm not trying to be a jerk, I know it's a business, but too many ads and you'll not only turn people off, but it'll make the site look really cheap (which it kinda does now…). It's all about finding the right business balance.

  • Any idea when the iWork apps will be available in Canada?