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Is The Canadian iPad App Store Live?

by on May 20th, 2010

The Canadian launch of the Apple iPad is scheduled for Friday, May 28 2010. At that time, aside from the device and accessories being available for sale at your local Apple Store, the 28th also marks the opening day for Canadian iPad App Store and iBookstore.

But is the Canadian iPad App Store already live? It sure seems like it!

If you were one of the few to go south and now have an iPad in Canada, the only way to get apps was to create a USA iTunes Store account and download iPad apps.

Well, you may now be able to use your Canadian iTunes Store account as the Canadian iPad App Store seems to be live. To see if the Canadian iPad App Store is live for you, follow below:

1.) Go to the App Store on your iPad with your USA account logged in (or if there is no account logged in, just log in with your Canadian iTunes credentials).

2.) At the bottom of the Featured page, sign out of the USA account.

3.) Going back to the bottom of the Featured page, sign back in but this time with your Canadian iTunes credentials.

4.) You will get an iTunes pop-up indicating the account is only valid in the Canadian iTunes Store.

After tapping “OK” on the pop-up, users should have full access to all of the App Store pages, including Featured, Top Charts, and Search. Even downloads work!

Canadian iPad App Store

Also, just like with the Canadian iPhone App Store, some of the apps are not available that are seen in the USA iPhone App Store, which was one clue to me that my Canadian iTunes account was working in the iPad App Store (No “What’s Hot” tab in the Canadian store)! (The iBooks app was no where to be found however)

USA iPad App Store

Try and see if your Canadian iTunes Account works in the iPad App Store and report back in the comments!

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  • wuju

    You're right. I was able to login with a Canadian account now in iPad App store. Even downloading. Very cool.
    iBook library does not work however. Waiting to buy a book. Hope it works by May 28.

  • SteveK

    The store is live for me as of this morning!

  • Work for me too. Downloading new app right now.

  • Yes, App Store is live now in Canada but no Apple apps (iBooks, Keynote, Pages, Numbers.) Would love to know when those are live too.

  • 11thIndian

    I too would like to see those soon. I'd imagine it will be closer to the launch date in a few weeks. Though whether Apple has been able to negotiate the licences for iBooks yet is anyone's guess.

  • J Brisco

    You're correct. I find that the App Store has become enabled on my IPad in the last day or so. I just launched App Store and instead of seeing the “blue dialog” and have the app close, I saw the “terms & conditions” dialog, accepted it, and I was in the store downloading apps.

    Apparently no IBooks yet.

  • Apple has already said that iBooks will be available in Canada on May 28, along with the iBookstore. They may not have as many books as they have in the U.S., but they'll certainly have at least a few next week.

  • Yes – the Canadian App Store appears to be functional. Still no iWork suite available though – and – no iBooks yet.

  • Smurf

    Has anyone tried moving the iBooks app over using the drag-drop-authorize trick?

  • ethan

    It also seems that Ibooks is working sort of but only for free material.

  • What's the drag-drop-authorize trick?

  • Sly

    The app work directly without the need to log on a US accourt first! I jus logged with m'y canadien account and purchased ” mirror's edge”. Just cant tĂȘt the iBook app tought. Thanks for the tip.

  • Smurf

    Same way you share apps with another person. Drag them out of your US-authorized iTunes and then into your Canadian-authorized iTunes and then authorize the Canadian one with your US credentials. The apps from both accounts will coexist and you can sync them all to your device.

    Checked: Works with both iPhone and iPad apps, including the iBooks app.

  • Susan

    I am waiting to buy the ipad, but my dilema is should I buy the ipad wifi or the wifi 3g. I have a iPhone 3g I need help to choose between the two..

  • Lee

    Yeah it's live, I noticed it last night when it showed a 10 beside it for App updates, clicking on it launched it right away works great.

  • Not sure what you mean by dragging from US-authorized iTunes to Canadian-authorized iTunes. You mean drag from the finder into iTunes?

  • Looks like iBooks live for Canada but ONLY public domain books showing. Still no iWorks apps.

  • Mike

    Nice to see some of the US apps appearing like scrabble and need for speed

  • zholy

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  • Looks like the Canadian iBookstore has lost of new content today. No longer just free books.

  • I have an iPhone 3G as well, and use it constantly at work, especially to get to web places that aren't available through my work's firewall. For that reason I'm going to buy the iPad 3G – it'll get me what I need on the web whenever I want it.

    Really wish Rogers would allow its users to share the iPhone 3G data plan with our iPads though.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Martin antonysamy

    Yes It’s live and looking good ipad app store in Canada.
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