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iPhone 4 Apps Nearly Fullscreen on iPad?

by on June 14th, 2010

One of Apple’s latest iPad commercials states that there’s over 200,000 apps available. While that’s true, 190,000 of them are iPhone apps that look pixelated and downright ugly on the iPad. With iPhone 4’s latest high resolution Retina Display, that could change the way iPhone apps look on the iPad forever.

According to iSpazio, developers of Make Coffee 2.0 discovered the resolution of iPhone 4 apps are almost fullscreen on the iPad. Take a look at their images below:

This comes as great news for iPad users. iPhone apps will look much better on the iPad’s screen thanks to higher resolution artwork. Time to say good bye to those pixelated iPhone apps!

[iClarified via iSpazio]

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  • chantellejoy

    Although this is awesome, and I certainly hope that lots of iPhone Devs take the time to update to their graphics to the new resolution, I still think there's nothing more pretty than an iPad App made specifically for iPad. Some Apps really deserve the full iPad treatment. 🙂

  • Don't count on that so fast. Not until fall when the iPad get updated to iOs 4.

    It's true the hi res images for iPhone 4 fit well on iPad screen. But today, in OS 3.2 the iPhone emulator does not support hi res resources, so even if the app includes hi res images to be used on iPhone 4, the iPad will handle the low res image for older devices.

    And the most important reason to keep the party off for a while, iPad runs OS 3.2 and will nor run applications
    compiled to be used on devices with iOS 4.0

  • Xaroc

    As much as that would be awesome, I don't see a lot of older apps being updated for this.
    And if they do will they rob us by charging X4 times more for the same game as they did with iPad games converted from iPhone.
    For those who do update, and manage to hold greed at bay will be awesome. Can't wait to see

  • With a jailbroken phone and Fullforce iPhone apps scale up great on the iPad for the most part.

    Funny how lazy apple was with the pixel doubling, they could have at least used a simple scaling technique like using a gaussian.

  • Xaroc

    I love apple, but I don't like how they boast about having 200,000+ apps. 50,000 of which are REAL apps maybe less.

    Browsing around seeing like 20+ mirror apps that turn your screen black. 20+ battery apps with simple tips. Flashlight apps, fart apps god knows how many of those exist lol.

    It's cool that we have so many options in apps. I just scratch my head sometimes that apple let's 20 versions of the same unless app come out 😛

  • candyer

    That's good! some Apps are recommendabled. It can help people work better usually.
    I also have some apps, maybe someone like it.