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iPad To Reveal “One More Thing” At Launch?

by on April 2nd, 2010

With the iPad launching TOMORROW, everyone’s focus has been which ever Apple Store they are going to visit to buy the device. Reports have begun to surface regarding inventory at some Apple Stores as well as the security that will be present during launch day.

People familiar with the matter have indicated that the iPad launch will have overnight security patrol at the US Apple Stores, mostly designated to monitor the store inventory, as many US Apple Stores have begun to receive their shipments of the iPad.

With most store locations beginning preparation for the day at 3:00AM, and lines that have already started, security will play a key role in not only preventing theft, but also controlling the lines of people waiting to get their hands on the device.

When all employees arrive for the opening launch day, it has been reported that each Apple employee will be required to sign an NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement. They will further be required to hand in any electronic devices, such as an iPhone and/or iPod Touch before entering the building, in an attempt to prevent leaks. The question here being what leaks are left?

Speaking with Apple Store representatives, these individuals indicate that it is very odd that Apple has requested to take the employees devices. Normally Apple Store employees simply check-out their devices at the end of their work day, but actually taking the devices from employees is definitely an Apple first.

By requiring employees to give up their devices for the day may indicate that there is something we do not yet know about regarding the iPad and this mysterious “one more thing” will be revealed on launch day with both customers and media in attendance.

The request by Apple is very suspicious and one can only wonder what new thing will be revealed, if anything, at the iPad launch day tomorrow.


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