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iPad Ship Times Delayed 4-5 Weeks in USA; Will Canada be Affected?

by on March 15th, 2011

With the hugely successful iPad 2 launch in the US, it appears once again Apple can’t keep up with demand. Estimates are that the launch could have sold anywhere between 500,000 to 1 million+ iPads, according to Reuters. I’m sure we’ll hear from an Apple press release in the next week.

If you take a visit to Apple.com, you’ll notice that ship times are now at 4-5 WEEKS. That’s over a month! Of course, Apple does inflate these numbers, but the message right now is there’s a shortage.

This begs the question: will the iPad 2 launch be delayed in Canada? In ten days, the iPad 2 launches here along with other countries, and I sure hope Apple has extra stock lying around for us. If not, we could see the launch delayed like it was last year.


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  • MexiCanuck

    What do people think is the best strategy for March 25? Order from the Apple Canada website? Try to phone in an order if that is an option? Try to buy at a store?

  • BigD

    I am going to try online. I’ve spent too many hours in line for iPhones. I can wait a week or 2 (2-3 days if I’m lucky)

  • I’ll probably head online if the launch isn’t delayed. If it’s like the US launch, initial shipping estimates were 2-3 days before they quickly slipped later. Although, with supply so tight in the US, they may start off with long shipping lead times in every other market too.

    I may try to show up at a store, but chances are there will be crowds and lots of unhappy people going home empty-handed.

  • I think the website is the best bet.

  • VCApplefan

    I just hope that the release day for Canada is still the 25th! I work for Fedex and Im hoping the shipping is still business as usual! I will find out closer to the 25th what are the approximate plans are for the 25th.

  • Andy H

    unless you want to wait in line for numerous amounts of hours like me 😛

  • george

    if apple is smart, they would save some ipads to sell in canada instead of using them to fill US orders… canadian currency is higher than US, and ipad sells for $50 more in canada apple stores….

    so why would they use “canadian” stock to sell to americans?

    I think our stock is safe 😛 unless apple is stupid

  • krish

    what time u think people will start lining up considering apple opens at 7 am just like they did for iphone 4?

  • Ex

    Well for iPhone 4, people lined up about 15 hours before the opening!

  • BigD

    I lined up 5 hours early for my iPhone. Remember, they probably won’t start selling to the public until 5PM like the US

  • Ex

    Not necessarily. So far, all Canadian launches have been when stores open.

  • me

    Call Walmart and London Drugs to see if they will carry it at launch. Mac Stations are usually good too on stock. I’m lining up at the London Drugs somewhere.