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iPad Screen Rotation Lock, 3G Service Page, And iPad App Store Section

by on March 12th, 2010

This morning Apple opened the preorder system for iPad to US customers or any other person that doesn’t mind travelling to the USA to pick up the device. But this mornings festivities also brought some interesting finds.

To begin, the previously labelled “Mute button” on the iPad or silent switch as it is on the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS, has now been renamed “Screen Rotation Lock”. This undoubtedly means that users can simply lock the screen orientation and prevent the display from rotating.

This mornings next find is the new iPad 3G information page that details how users can sign up for a data plan and further, monitor their usage.

Some notable pieces of information include that the iPad 3G will have a phone number attached to the data service plan, which is not different than any other data plan service and that US customers may purchase their data plan from AT&T directly on the iPad. Users can also monitor their data usage from the iPad and receive 20, 10, and 0 percent data alerts for the remaining data left.

At this time, the page only includes information regarding US customers and AT&T service, but it will be interesting to see if the Canadian carriers do anything even remotely like this.

Lastly, Apple has announced that the iPad App Store will have a specific section available for just iPad apps. This is a great App Store feature that will make locating iPad-specific very easy.

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