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iPad – Print Files From Anywhere Using Your Dropbox

by on October 25th, 2010

Hello everyone! Have you ever wanted or needed to print something from your iPad? If you’re like me, every so often you may have a need to print from your iPad. I currently don’t have a printer that’s capable of printing documents to my iPad so I was really happy to find this neat utility. 

I have discovered a small program (it’s a simple “.vbs” utility for you geeks) that after you run it, allows you to print files from your iPad using Dropbox.  Although the author of the utility only mentions mobile devices on the web site, and not the iPad, I still decided to give it a try. I have been successful so far and have been able to print using GoodReader and Office HD.

Here is a quick overview to get you printing:

  • Make sure that you have Dropbox on the computer that is connected to the printer.
  • To send print jobs from the iPad make sure you have an app that is capable of connecting to Dropbox.
  • Download the zip file printing utility, unzip and double-click the eprint.vbs file (see the source code). The script will create a sub-folder inside your main Dropbox folder called “PrintQueue”. This is where your print jobs will queue up and another sub-folder called “logs” will be created where all the completed jobs will be archived.

You can now print files from your iPad. Just send a file from your iPad to the Dropbox ready app or Dropbox mobile app and place it in the “PrintQueue” folder. If you are sitting at your computer doing a test run, you will see a message on your desktop indicating that the file has been added to your Dropbox. Your printer will begin printing the file shortly thereafter.

For more details you can link here. More information and a workaround for Mac and Linux can be found here (about halfway down the page). Let us know what you think about this utility!

Geek Tips: The PrintQueue folder will show up on any computer or mobile device you sync with Dropbox, but will only print from the computer running the vbs script.  So, you’ll want this script to always run on your primary computer.  Simply drag the eprint.vbs file to your Startup folder, and then it’ll always be ready to print your files whenever your computer is running.


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