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iPad Pre-Order Delayed By FedEx? Call Apple For $100 Off!

by on May 28th, 2010

Canadians pre-ordered their iPads on May 10th. The arrival date for orders was supposed to be today but it seems that a FedEx delay has caused many orders to be late and not on time. This is a disappointment to everyone who pre-ordered if they can’t get the iPad on the launch date. What’s the point of pre-ordering if you could’ve gone to a store today and nabbed one in person?

Don’t Get Angry–Call Apple and Talk It Over

I’ve received an email from iPadinCanada.ca reader Chris Lai that expressing his displeasure resulted in a $100 refund on his iPad order! That’s a significant amount to take off–does it make up for the iPad being late? No. But it is a very nice touch. This might be an isolated refund but definitely give Apple a call and see what they offer as an apology. You just might save $100 off your iPad.

Other users in this post about iPad deliveries have been offered one of the following from Apple:

  • iPad Case
  • iPad Keyboard Dock
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Regular iPad Dock
  • $70-$100 off your iPad order (rare at this point)

Let us know if you are able to get any sort of refund or “we’re sorry” gift!

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  • “That's a significant amount to take off – does it make up for the iPad being late? No. But it is a very nice touch.”

    Are you kidding me? Nearly a 20% discount for a *one day* delay of an order? If someone paid me $100 a day to wait for my iPad to arrive, I would gladly wait five days to get my iPad for free! $100 for an extra day of waiting is going above and beyond what Apple has to give, and it is incredibly generous on their part.

  • jpraadt

    I just called Apple, and waited on hold for 27 minutes, and when I spoke to the guy he said that my projected delivery date on his computer say the 31st, though every thing I've seen on my end says the 28th and I ordered on the first day of preorders. The representative said that one should expect delivery 1 to 3 days after they ship (the 25th) which would be the 28th, so I'm not sure where the 31st is coming from. He finished up by telling me that if it isn't here by three days after the 31st, call back and they'll refund my purchase or send a new one out.

    Gee, thanks.

    The lesson I've learned from this, is that if you choose to pre-order a newly released product from apple, you get the benefit of possibly getting it a week after it's available in stores. Oh, the privilege!

    By now, I'm pretty irritated, because every single time it's supposed to be here, not only does the date get pushed back, but my iPad is mysteriously further away than previously reported. Maybe I should call FedEx and tell them that the plane is flying in the completely wrong direction. 🙁

  • jpraadt

    It is generous, if you can get it. I called apple, and they just told me that they don't know where it is and they don't know when it'll get here. I'd trade that for $100! 😛

  • Pierre

    Just got off the phone with Apple customer service and they credited me the iPad case I ordered.

  • Pierre


    The way I won my argument with Apple was reminding them that FedEx was representing their brand and company today and failed horribly. I also mentioned my long history with the Apple brand and products. My white lie was that this was to be a gift for my father tomorrow and now I have nothing.

    This is when I was credited the iPad case I had ordered along with the iPad.

    Good luck!

  • Revlok

    I called to register my complaint and asked that my name join any list for compensation, because I could be buyig the same Ipad here at my Best Buy right this moment.
    She took 5 minutes to return and gave me $50.00 back.
    I still ay get it late tomorrow but monday for sure.

  • I got an iPad Keyboard Dock when I called earlier today. Took some complaining and 40 minutes on hold before I got through to anyone – but $90 free thing on top of getting a great iPad is awesome.

  • yvrgal

    Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard :-))))

  • jpraadt

    Well, thanks for the advice! I figure if it's not here by tomorrow, I'm going to have to give them another call. Honestly, at this point I'd settle for just knowing where the hell it is!

  • jpraadt

    Serious?? Man, the dude I talked to must just not like me.

  • iAngry

    iPad Case. I decided to go down to FED ex Tomorrow instead of sitting around like i did today. Edmonton

  • ti

    That's not a “white” lie…

  • gtasscarlo

    this is typical apple customer service i know from when I had 6 iphone 3g issues they offered me a brand new iphone 3gs for free no shipping nothing I just had to send my old 3g to them and they sent me a new 3gs from shenzen ch cuus they had no stock

  • Kpower

    I called cause fedex website said my iPad had left China, Alaska, and Tenessee twice and because I got an email saying mine was delayed by fedex. They credited me my iPad case. Then I called fedex later in the afternoon to see what was up. Turns out it had ckeared customs in Mississauga in the morning. What I didn't know was that there was a flight that comes in to Winnipeg at 4 pm and I got my iPad just before 6 pm. I consider that luck!

  • Origamian

    I got my iPad delivered on May 28. Would I rather have it be late and get a $100 discount…? Nah, not worth it! 🙂

  • Doug

    I was refunded the cost of my Apple case. Still not pleased with how this was handled, but at least they're acknowledging the problem and offering compensation. Especially considering FedEx is likely a lot of the blame, I appreciate Apple at least paying up.

    What I did:

    Called the Assistance number. Case ID, no, hit 0 from then on in just to get transferred to a human. Operator asked me what my issue was, and I said my iPad was supposed to be delivered yesterday but it hasn't been delivered yet and FedEx's site offers no updates.

    I was transferred to Sales Support (or Order Support, not sure) and a nice guy asked me for my web order number and all that, I explained that I took that day off work as Fedex wouldn't allow them to drop it off at my door and now I'll likely need to take another day. Apple said 28th from the get go and should have stayed with that date. This was really unfortunate, etc.

    In the end, when I guess he seemed to realize I was quite annoyed and wasn't going to get off the phone without some compensation, he looked at my order and offered me to credit me the most expensive item (Apple case, I wish I ordered a keyboard dock now, haha).

    I agreed, thanked him for his help and hung up.

    And here I am, thought I'd recount my story to those who are interested in how to do this yourself. Just be assertive, determined and don't hang up. I encourage people to do this if they weren't impressed with how it was handled, I certainly wasn't. It seems Apple definitely has a credit program going here and it's not too hard to get credited, so do it.

    Best wishes.

  • jpraadt

    I still haven't received mine, and I'm hoping to do the same. Local FedEx office doesn't open until 11:00am, and you can bet your ass they'll be receiving a call from me at 11:01.

    Of all the people I've spoken to at both Apple & FedEx, none has offered any more than platitudes. Honestly, at this point I'd just like to have the damn thing in my hands so I can feel secure that if I leave my house for two minutes, I'm not going to miss the FedEx truck.

  • Tom

    My iPad was delivered at 9:30 pm yesterday evening. I had to wait only a couple of minutes until Ryan took my call and offered a 50 CAD credit.

    This is what i call great customer service !

  • yvrgal

    Originally he offered the Apple case but I told him that I already have a Speck case for my iPad and then he offered the keyboard dock. I told him I already ordered a Wireless Bluetooth keyboard and gave him the order number. I suggested that he knock off the price from that order and so he did. I checked the order status of my order after my conversation with CSR and it went down to 0.00. :-)) I'm very happy about that.

    I spoke calmly about my situation with Apple. I told them that since FEDEX can't redirect the shipment to another address because of Apple policy and I can't pick it up at FEDEX because I don't have a picture ID with my work address on it, I have no choice but to go to work today just to wait for my delivery between 10 am to 5 pm. Oh well, guess I will be putting in some overtime while I wait.

  • yvrgal

    Apple in turn will throw the compensation cost at FEDEX.

  • jpraadt

    Well, after all my bitching and hand-wringing, it sounds like my iPad is finally on a truck out for delivery. When I spoke to Apple, I got nothing for my troubles, but it sounds like FedEx is running Saturday deliveries in my area, which they don't usually do, just to get people's iPads out to them. Apple is off the hook, because they're offering an amazing product, and FedEx gets a pass on this one as soon as they get to my door. I swear, I'm too anxious for mail-order. Next time, I wait in line. 😛

  • jpraadt

    Finally got mine! Syncing is taking *ages*, but what a relief!

  • David

    I told them how frustrated I was about first the “data sharing” error and now the delay in receiving my product. They refunded me the cost of the case and dock. Good customer service and they acknowledged that even that doesn't make up for the time I have “missed” with my IPad, they could do more in my opinion, it is all about how you respond and Grace and they responded well and I will give them Grace, bring on the IPhone 4G 🙂

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