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iPad Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

by on April 27th, 2010

I often “virtualize” how the iPad could become more integrated into the business environment. Lecere Corporation is a company who is hoping to make the iPad a very useful tool for companies who require a POS terminal.

Lecere Corporation will begin testing their iPad-based, Fully-Integrated Restaurant Management Software in a “major restaurant chain” this week. The iPad FIRMS POS system, which can also be used with the iPod touch, offers a 90% savings on traditional POS systems and can be optimized to fit restaurants of any level — form the individual restaurant to multinational chain restaurants, to hotels.

“Using those devices [iPad, iPod touch], along with a couple of standard ticket printers, brings the startup cost for the pilot to under $2,000,” Lecere CEO Jim Morris said. “Contrast that with an upfront cost of about $20,000 to install a traditional, on-premises POS system with its heavy, non-movable POS terminals, printers, and back-office servers.”

There has been a video released about how the POS would work. The video is not high quality but really allows you to understand how the iPad POS works. It highlights the waitress taking a food and drink order directly on the iPad, processing a credit card payment and prompting the customer if he would like a receipt (emailed to him) – I’m not sure I would be giving my email address to every waitress or waiter but at least the concept is available. The video can be viewed here at tuaw.

I hope I can see this is action some day!


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