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iPad One Week Later: How Do You Like Your iPad?

by on June 5th, 2010

The iPad launched in Canada (along with other countries around the world) last week on May 28th. People who pre-ordered had their deliveries delayed by FedEx and people waited in line from coast to coast. We also digested iPad 3G data plans from Rogers, Bell, and Telus (last to debut their plans) as well. With your iPad just over a week old, what’s your take on it so far? You’ve read my review of the iPad–so now it’s your turn to speak.

What do you like/dislike about the iPad? Are you satisfied with your purchase? Let us know below!

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  • Myron

    I thought that when I pre-ordered my 32GB 3G iPad I would love it and now that I've been used using it, I'm not disappointed. It's amazingly fast, light to carry and everyone I show it to is impressed (at least four of my co-workers are going to purchase one now). It has totally replaced the need for me to start up my MacBook Pro unless I have video/picture editting to do for work; in fact, I used the iPad as my main computer for the past week and have no regrets. The only disappointment is the inability to purchase books via iBooks in Canada.

  • Couldn't have said it any better myself!

  • Eric

    My iPad is everything I wanted it to be. It basically is replacing my MacBook
    Great stuff!

  • Insanesium

    The speed is what gets me as it's something I wasn't able to appreciate until I tried it. The simple act of starting up a lapop from sleep and waiting 45 seconds to get a web browser up is all I need to abandon it.

    Also interesting to me is how so many people can see value in it in different ways. I thought it would be a more niche device, but much like the comment above, I've “sold” 4 already to office-mates all for different features.

    My hope is the recent upgrade to Documents-to-go (hope that's the name) that allows the user to upload to dropbox is a sign of things to come as the biggest fault is still getting stuff off of it without iTunes.

  • Loupetron

    I absolutely love it. It has almost supplanted my desktop and MacBook. The scary part is that I only need my desktop/MacBook so that I can teach and program in Windows. My notes, presentations, news, etc. are all on the iPad. It's fast, it lasts forever, it's light, and small enough that I can carry it around and use it like a real notebook.
    * sent from my iPad

  • Steve

    Awesome. As expected.

  • Yvrgal

    I haven't touched my Macbook since I received my iPad. I use it now for work too and just love it!

  • Love it love it and love it some more 🙂

    Don't really miss flash but where are the books 🙁

  • R Lubin

    I was expecting it to be insanely great, and the iPad exceeded my expectations.

  • Patt

    Same! And also, where are the darn books?

  • Kevin

    Like it?!? I'm in the pub, just read wired, answered some e-mails, checked twitter, checked newsrack, and I'm now posting here, all from my iPad. It is awesome!

  • Alex

    I was “lucky” enough to get one with weak wifi issue. After a week of wait I am going today to get my replacement unit.

  • Sandrewb

    I love it and I am glad I just bought the wi-fi version. I will be jailbreaking my iphone this afternoon. Thanks iphoneincanada.ca for the info about jailbreaking.
    Another Reason to jailbreak. I let my 8 year old use my iPad in the back of the van yesterday and while I was driving he said “Dad I can't to anything with this iPad in the van”. Confirmation I needed to take the jailbreak leap. lol

  • sandrewb

    dl ibooks and freebooks for books. If you have kids dl free comics with Archie, Comics and Marvel. Marvel has a sort of interactive feature that is pretty cool. I might just start reading a comic here or there again.

  • Bill Spicer

    Bought the 32gig G model. It is a great device. Love the speed of web surfing on the web. I mainly use it for surfing and getting email.tried to order Saltscape through Zenio subscriptions. Ran into the flash issue. I am waiting for a solution from them. It may simply to use the iPad when ordering rather than the iMac. Downloaded the HD pinball game and 3d Euchrae. Graphics are very good when compared to the iPhone 3G. I did run into a mail issue. I forward quite a few emails on to friends. In my send box the messages are noted but all state unrecognized format. Any idea of how to correct? I want to install a budget app. I sometimes get power points sent to me. Question- do we really need to buy Apple's programs to view e mail attachments. If anyone has tried the new Skype update on the iPad I would appreciate a review. I would dearly like to scrap the iPhone and replace it with Skype.

  • K-pod

    I bought it the day after launch, which was a saturday. Played with it, jailbroke it, installed every cool app… then got fed up and sold it tuesday. 3 days of this device and I could not stand it. It's absolutely horrible! Paying 700 dollars for a 32GB device that is crippled. Heck, I have a Motion Computing Le1700 tablet pc and that thing can do 100x more than the ipad and it only cost me the same.

    The ipad is a joke, a device that tailors to people that are slaves to trends and technology. As a useful device it's not.

    I will reconsider in 4 years when apple perfects the tablet or adds a pen… early adopters, ugh

  • GP

    My 64 + 3g is incredible. It is even more useful and fun than I was anticipating! Love just about everything about it. IF Apple does provide printer support, multitasking and a filing system in it's expected OS update this Fall, I will sell my Macbook because I won't need a laptop any more. I am using the Skype app on WIFI and it works great for me (including Skypeout which I already subscribe to).
    A WARNING though for those of you who haven't bought an iPad yet…
    Save your money and don't buy a dock if you are going to put your iPad in a case (imo you should protect it in a case). You can't use the iPad dock with the iPad case (or any other case) and to take it out of the case every time you wan't to dock the iPad makes no sense.

  • Spencer

    My iPad is amazing, I bought the 64 gb wifi version, and it is so hard to put the thing down

  • Is that for real Myron? You can't purchase books via iBooks yet? I am still waiting on the delivery of mine, so I don't have a clue. What is everyone using for book purchases then? Kindle app?

  • sammy

    I bought the 64GB 3G version. It's incredibly useful in my line of work: Photography. I use it to show my portfolio to potential clients. It also have many, many other uses which I utilize.

    Not sure why everyone's going on about iBook. Just use the app “Stanza” to purchase books. There's also free material available via that app:


    For totally free books, try the “Wattpad” app for iPad:


  • djepsilon

    Looks like someone didn't do their research and gave into the hype, lol.

  • Andre

    I love it. No matter what anyone says, carrying the iPad vs my 4 pound MacBook is the best choice hands down.

  • I love it, I have been using it constantly since buying last week. The only sources of disappointment has been around the lack of hand writing support, on my windows 7 pc tablet I was able to write fast with accuracy, on the iPad I find the handwriting apps all lag and are not very accurate. I hope that in future versions there is some sort of digitizing pen as the pogo sketch stylus isn't cutting it. As a student jotting down diagrams and equations are essential.

    Second i hope that the file stucture is opened up in such a way that I can save any document into dropbox. Apples cloud services are behind and ridiculous at $80.

    That said I wouldn't trade it for anything, it has become the perfect semi mobile device, in that it really goes perfect anywhere I can sit down.

  • James

    I love this thing and everything about. It's has replaced my laptop for the time being and once the new OS rolls out in the fall I'm sure it'll completely replace it.

    I'm not an Apple fanboy (this is only my second Apple product next to my nano) but I would like to say thank-you, Apple.

    Heck even my grandmother can use this thing and she has a hard time using her cell phone.

  • NorthMac

    I check my emails, Skype out, play games, and browse the net. I love my iPad

  • Devan Bellchamber

    I am on my iPad right now I just bought mine on Tuesday and it has been great. It's totally good for my web browsing needs, and I don't have a laptop so that adds to it's purpose for me. It's fast, light, easy to use and all around reliable. It's got great picture, great sound quality, and the keyboard is great too.
    10/10 in my books

  • How will jailbreaking the iPad help?

  • J Klymak

    I'm liking mine a lot. Been reading student essays with iAnnotate, and its as good or better than paper. email and web surfing are great at home.

    Gripes: no books at iBooks.

    Stylus input seems slow with substantial lag. I don't care if it can do handwriting recognition, but I would like to be able to enter notes in free form for diagrams and equations, and the current response from the stylus seems laggy in most apps. If anyone has a good notetaking app that is fast, I'd love to hear about it.

  • Mike

    Love the browsing, I don't miss flash as much as I thought I would . Need books in iBooks and more apps would be nice , at least the ones that I love on the iPhone . It would be nice to see them on a bigger screen. Overall I'm a PC that loves his iPad .

  • Rock

    Adds a pen?? Ha ha ha!!!! Apple never goes backwards.

  • Al

    I purchased my iPad on the nine days ago, its a 32GB 3G. I have mixed feeling about the iPad, its a nice piece of technology and it does meet most of my needs. The problem is that it is very slow at loading web pages on both WiFi and 3G. I have a Linksys WRT 601N ver. 2 router and I am connected to Shaw cable hi-speed extreme so there are no issues there. I have taken my iPad to Future Shop and connected to their WiFi, same issue. Interestingly the Apple rep. at Future Shop tried one of their iPads and the same thing happened, the bottom half the web page is a grey and white checkerboard until the iPad gets enough juice to load the full page. My $400.00 Toshiba netbook loads web pages fast with no issues for half the price. I may ask Future Shop to replace my iPad. I'd be interested to know if any of you are having the same issue. I did check out the Apple site and reviewed the tips for WiFi issues, that was of no help.

    One of the reasons that I purchased the iPad was to display my portfolio of photos and that task is handled well by the iPad. Bright natural light will throw off the brightness/contrast of the photos. I found that some of my photos needed to be re-processed for brightness/contrast as the iPad displays photos somewhat differently than my high end desktop monitor. There are differences between monitors so this is not an issue just a bit a extra work to make the photos look good on the iPad. I have processed a few photos in Adobe CS5 specifically for the iPad and they look awesome. I do not intend on uploading my photos on a shoot to the iPad as I use a Canon 5D Mark II and shoot in RAW + JPEG, the files are just to big for the iPad to handle especially when I am shooting HDR images as I shoot five photos for each HDR shot. I use a new Dell XPS sixteen inch laptop on my shoots. I am sure that the iPad will do well with photos taken with a point & shoot taking JPEG images. There are no camera kits available so I guess that we will have to wait and see how things work out in the future as far as uploading photos onto the iPad.

    I like the iPad but the web browsing issue has made me a bit reluctant to recommend the iPad to my friends. I like the portability, I take it when I go shopping so I can price compare. I like the ability to surf the web on my ferry trips between Vancouver Island and Vancouver and its nice to be able to sit in Starbucks and do my thing. I use it a lot while watching TV. The app store has some good apps. for the iPad but the selection is limited for apps specifically developed for the iPad. I have a itouch and find the difference in prices between the iPad and itouch apps interesting to say the least. I guess that the iPad app prices will come down at some point. And contrary to what Steve says you can't have a total web experience without flash, sorry Steve that is the world we live in right now.

    The bottom line is that the iPad is a nice toy but way overpriced for what you get when compared to what the other guys have available in today's market. Its new technology so there is a premium price to be paid for that and the iPads exclusivity in the tablet market.

    I give it a 3 out of 5.

  • I was starting to listen to you but you lost on “adds a pen” serious dude???

  • Xaroc

    Still love it. It has replaced my MacBook pro with everything web related to banking, paying bills, surfing for info, forums, iphoneincanada and mac daily news updates. Of course games n such.
    So yea, I can't leave it alone. I spent all last night converting southpark and robot chicken videos on to it lol

  • Wifi

    He's going to jailbreak his iPhone, so he can instal myfi app to turn his iPhone into a wireless router sort of thing, so he can have Internet on his iPad anywhere

  • Aaron

    iBooks has lots of free books. The Kindle app is great, access to all the books available from amazon. There's a Kobo app, which is the Chapters Indigo eReader. Each have slighty different features, but they're all good.

  • Katie

    I love my iPad. 3G is great for research and typing up documents is so satisfying with the pages app. I got the iPad to work on the go and its simply exquisite. No complaints.

  • Terry B

    Apple hit one WAY out of the park with the ipad. It is easily the greatest piece of tech I have ever owned. I have hardly touched another electronic device for the past week. I've played, surfed, e-mailed, created photo albums, watched hi def videos, created videos and 'PowerPoint' presentations right on the freaking thing with Reeldirector and Keynote. Truly amazing. Good luck playing catch up HP, Dell and anyone else with a tablet in the wings. To any naysayers out there, you truly cannot comment on this thing unless you own one. My expectations have been exceeded in EVERY way.

  • Glenys

    Love it, love it, love it! FedEx delivered my iPad on the 28th, as promised. I've since spent quite a bit buying some apps for it (must admit many are quite a bit more expensive than those for the iPhone). Sold my netbook last night. Still hoping for a better 3G plan from Rogers, or being able to tether the iPad to my iPhone to use some of the 6Gb data I get for that but have never come close to using even 50%. The iPad display is mesmerizing, and I love the instant-on as compared to a Windows computer (of any size). It'll never replace my iPhone, for obvious reasons, but it's a fantastic replacement for my netbook.

  • Larry

    I believe you are having the WiFi signal issue like many others have, solution is either wait for new firmware patch or install a WiFi repeater to boost signal around where you normally using your iPad.
    I had similar issue before, now it load webpage like no time

  • Gerard

    It's every thing the iPhone 3Gs is and better. The Screen is fantastic. The mouvementd are crisp. The whole thing is tight and georgeous..The apps are a little more expensive around $3.99. Using older iphone apps and doubling the screen ruins the experience vissually for me at least. HD version of apps are always coming and you will pay and get they galdy because of the pretty just lik me. Overall great machine, exctaly what i wanted to buy, centre stage on my entertainment centre. 5?5….

  • MisterSpiffy

    I have mixed feelings about my iPad. I like the fact it is a larger display and I can check regular sites of Facebook, CBC, etc… In fact, part of me is so used to mobile sites now I automatically want to go to them to 'reduce the clutter'. I will say, YouTube, watching videos, listening to music, surfing, it's all good. I do like the fact I can change my playlists on the iPad. This is a feature I hope they bring to the new iPhone OS.

    No issues here with WiFi connectivity but I have been having issues with emails; PDF attachments not able to display for days and then they work all of a sudden. The issue is not with the PDFs, as my PC email program and my iPhone receives the same emails on the same account and they can open just fine. Apparently many people are now encountering this issue with no response yet from Apple.

    Pages, Numbers, and Keynote: I should have realized that Mac products were never going to properly and completely import Microsoft Office files. I like the fact I could edit a Microsoft Word file in Pages and export it back out, but if the document has anything more than formatted text, it didn't handle it very well. Numbers can import from Excel but cannot export it back to Excel; this is useless for any business person who works in an Excel environment. The same goes for Keynote. Some PowerPoint functionality just does not play nice. And don't bother waiting for Steve Ballmer and friends; Microsoft has already said that no Microsoft Office apps will be developed at least for the next year. They are saving their energy for slates no doubt. I wouldn't say my iWork lite apps were a waste of money but after working them last weekend to see functionality and capability and the limitations, I will be using them far less.

    A couple of apps that I did get, an invoicing app for my small business — and that will be very useful. I never get my invoices out on time…this would allow me to bill my client right away and send it by email. I also bought a couple of sketching applications. I even bought an iPhone/iPad stylus (Pogo Stylus: http://www.tenonedesign.com/stylus.php). Now I know some folks were making light of a guy further back who said the iPad needs a stylus. I wouldn't go that far, but if you are doing sketchings, having a stylus works for that purpose. You could use your fingers but I after using a stylus for the drawings I do get better control on where my lines go.

    A few other little things:
    -No calculator? I don't get this. I have had several situations where I have needed a calculator on the iPad and it's not there.
    -Categorizing pictures into groups on the iPad would be nice.
    -Figuring out a way to have all my email accounts (3 POP and 1 MobileMe) with all their folders (Inbox and Sent Items) consolidated to one synchronized account so whether I am on my iPhone or iPad I have the same view of everything at anytime even in my Sent Items folder and all of my existing emails in my Sent Items. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.
    -And a way through VPN to listen to CBS Radio stations on 3G. Any thoughts there would be appreciated. I have a Witopia PPTP account but as I understand it Rogers doesn't play nice with those on streaming audio or video.

    All in all, this has been like fleeting relationship; last weekend was hot and heavy, a bit of guilt and remorse by Tuesday, but seeing good qualities and working it out.

  • Alex

    I got a replacement ipad yesterday, and wifi works just fine. If you having weak wifi issues I advise you to take it to Apple Store.

  • weldon

    Worth the wait!
    If you haven't bought the Apple case…do it now! It makes the iPad so much easier to use and no worries about scratches and scuffs. It seems like such a simple thing, but the case really makes a huge difference in the iPad's useability

  • Al

    Photo albums in iPad, in response to Mister Spiffy:

    1. create a new folder, for eg. name it:
    iPad photos
    2. go inside this new folder and create five new folders and name them for eg:
    – birthday party pics
    – new years party pics
    – high school pics
    – college pics
    – work pics

    3. drag or copy/paste pictures inside those five folders.

    4. start iTunes: make sure your USB is connected on your PC and your iTouch/iPad.

    5. in photo sync do the select a folder: find the folder: iPad Photos
    select that folder then click “apply” to start synchronize.

    6. when sync is completed, start your iTouch or iPad and touch photos, now all the five albums with pictures will appear.

  • Rock

    Flash was written for Windows. It's a complete memory hog. Caught a virus by just viewing a flash based website. Yuck! It's time to move on to HTML5. I'm with Apple on this one.

  • Well I've had mine for over six weeks now and indeed it still rock. Obviously, I can't do “everything” on it that I like to do such such music production but it really is a fun way to browse the web, watch movies, read books and a bit of gaming.

  • S.

    The iPad is exceeding even my expectations! Battery life has been crazy good. I never expected to get 4 or 5 days standby using the iPad a few hours a day! Now I am looking for productivity apps. Waiting for Quickoffice update. What are peoples thoughts on Pages, or other recommendation? Taken it everywhere. A joy to use. Please share your favorite apps?! Mine are: BBC, Guardian eyewitness, Zinio, simplenote, goodreader, bloomberg, epicurious, skygrid, connect, dropbox…. Need some games, any good ones? I 2x field runners and nova, haven't been willing to rebuy or pay $15 or $10 for a game already bought for my iPhone. Typed from my iPad.

  • S.

    Oooh thank you ipadincanada for the zagg memorial day sale tip! Mine was shipped and anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Thanks for another great site. We need an iPad forum.

  • shelpike

    I agree 100%. The apple case has been wonderful.

  • Paul

    i don't have my iPad yet, as I can't find any stores that have it in stock. But I am noticing a lot of forum discussion on the iBook, or lack thereof. Until it becomes available in Canada, I highly recommend the Kindle app. I used that one on my iPod all the time. Plus from the video demos I've seen regarding the iBook, it appears that the books are cheaper on Kindle, and on iBook.

    Just a though

  • I've owned an iPad since May 28th and I've been happy with it until the Wi-fi issue came up 3 days ago. it's very mysterious, some times it works fine, other times I need to turn off wi-fi then back on again to get it working. It's very useful and I hope Apple can work out the firmware issue for people having problems. Exchanging it seems unlikely to do any good as other people have tried this & it did them no good.

  • Vryen60

    I was hoping to watch some stream life video of the world cup but no luck, pulled out a old and it works fine.