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iPad on Letterman’s Top Ten List [Video]

by on April 1st, 2010

The iPad is starting to appear everywhere. We first saw it at the Grammy Awards as Stephen Colbert had one. There was an episode dedicated to the iPad on ABC’s Modern Family. Now, it looks like the Late Show with David Letterman got their hands on one!

As Dave proceeds to check out the iPad, he makes some nice one liners against the iPad and it gets painful to watch when he starts tapping the iPad on the desk! The iPad was used for Dave to read out his top 10 list. The category was:

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Waiting in Line for the iPad (I wrote these out while pausing the video–yeah, thank me later!)

10. What the hell is it?
9. Will this make Steve Jobs notice me?
8. Really, what the hell is it?
7. Is it Kosher for Passover?
6. Should I wear my Spock ears?
5. Wasn’t I saving this money for hot tub time machine?
4. What? Ricky Martin’s gay?
3. Is it a bad sign nobody can explain what the hell it is?
2. Will there be hot tattooed women in line (Jesse James only)
1. Can’t Apple invent something that will wait in line for me?

Watch the clip below. Note that it doesn’t include the FULL Top 10 list! That’s why it’s written above!

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