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iPad Now Available for Pre-Order in Canada; Rogers Data Plans Revealed

by on May 10th, 2010

You can now pre-order both the Wi-Fi and the 3G version of the iPad in Canada at Apple.ca. What’s also interesting to note is that Rogers’ iPad data pricing has been revealed.

Rogers iPad Data Plan Pricing Revealed

250 MB for $15.00
5 GB for $35.00
…and the big surprise: add your iPad to your existing data plan for $20.00 a month (is it a one time cost or monthly? it’s not very clear).

Gary says: These prices are similar to AT&T’s offerings in the USA ($15 for 250MB, $30 for unlimited). That’s not bad at all for people looking for data plans and is pretty decent. However, to charge $20/month to link your iPhone data plan to your iPad–nice one, Rogers.

Last time I checked, I’m already paying for the 6GB/$30 data plan with my iPhone. Now we need to pay $20 to have another device “use” that same data plan? Sounds like…a great way to make money from customers!

The iPad is a data hungry device. For people on the 6GB plan, they can rest comfortably they won’t go over their data limits. However, for people on 500MB or 1GB data plans, the scenario of data overages is more than real.

For people ordering WiFi versions and they have iPhones, don’t forget about using MyWi to tether your iPhone data plan!

I found this interesting–a 20 cent charge for a micro-SIM card. With the iPhone, SIM cards were included into the cost. At least you have the option to order one with your 3G iPad.

Want to let Rogers know how you feel about their data plans? Click here to let them know via their Redboard.

Thanks to everyone for contacting us via email about these data plans! 🙂

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