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iPad Management Tools Point To Built-In Camera

by on August 3rd, 2010

Ever since the pre- and post-launch times of the iPad, rumors have been intense about a front-facing camera on the iPad. The evidence to support a camera in the iPad is overwhelming and now with Apple including a front-facing camera in iPhone 4, the rumors of an iPad camera seem even more plausible.

It all started with a leaked iPad hardware frame that clearly had room for a camera. Soon after that came camera-related job postings at Apple, followed by hidden iPad SDK camera files. Soon after that, there were even more hardware photos showing room for a camera.

After iPhone 4 was released in the USA, more details were found referencing Apple’s FaceTime possibly making its way to the iPad. It is clear that users want a front-facing camera and there is high hope that Apple delivers.

This week, as you have already guessed, more evidence has been found of a possible iPad camera. Located within a document for the iPad’s enterprise management tools, text indicates that when configuring an iPad, IT departments may choose to restrict certain iPad features such as iTunes or Safari in the name of security.

An iPad camera in this case is mentioned as a feature that can be disabled. At this time, the iPad does not support a camera, so while this could be an error on Apple’s part, we’re going to hold true to the iPad camera hope.


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