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iPad Launches Today in Canada: Where to Buy an iPad

by on May 28th, 2010

The wait is over everyone! It’s been quite the tumultuous ride trying to uncover iPad news for Canadians. At first, our breaking news report of an April 24th launch in Canada was blown away when Apple delayed the iPad release for International customers till late May. Our neighbours down south welcomed the iPad with open arms on April 3rd.

Finally, news came that Canadians would be able to pre-order iPads on May 10th with the final release date slated for May 28th–which is where we are today. iPadinCanada.ca readers have united to share their iPad pre-order FedEx tracking info–even down to the kilometre. Your package should arrive today–I hope you’re going to be home to receive it!

Don’t forget to read our informative post on Rogers and Bell iPad 3G Clarifications. Also, you can pre-order the iPad invisibleSHIELD for 20% off with our coupon code “iphoneinca”.

Where to Buy the iPad in Canada?

If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order your iPad, you might have to do some searching to acquire one today. Where to start your search? Here’s a list of confirmed stores that will sell the iPad according to an article by Vancouver Sun Tech reporter Gillian Shaw (I have a tiny cameo appearance in the article):

  • Apple Stores (if you’re in line–email us pics and we’ll post them here)
  • Future Shop & Best Buy (they will be handing out tickets for people in line)
  • London Drugs (confirmed on twitter)
  • Your local Apple Reseller (you might want to give them a call).

Your best bet is to call around and take advantage of social networking sites like Twitter for real-time updates. If you’re in the hunt for the iPad in Canada and you’re on twitteruse the hashtag #ipadincanada to share your finds with others. Also, if you have more info be sure to leave a comment below.

For those that have received your iPad–congratulations and enjoy! Be sure to chime in here with your early thoughts on the device.

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  • Nicky

    An Apple Reseller, DMAC, in Richmond, BC, has limited quantity iPad in stock. They even have sale on iPad accessories on May 28-29. Call 604-821-1228 or http://www.dmac.ca

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  • robe5000

    i got mine sent to my work :p

  • David

    do u have ur ipad right now?

  • robe5000

    no, but i will in about to hours, it arrived in my city yesterday and i called fedex so i could pick it up, fedex told me that apple told them not to let people pick them up or be delivered until today

  • We're lined up at Square One in Mississauga, ON. http://www.flickr.com/photos/scolirk/4647206974/

    That was taken at 4am, it's now 20 after 6, and the line has doubled. Still waiting for further details from Apple.

  • David

    are you in vancouver???

  • wuju

    Still can't buy book in iBook – aside from the FREE ones. 🙁

  • Steve

    It's 0620 here in Calgary, which means that those of you back east have yours already. I'm 9th in line at Market Mall, sitting in my lawn chair outside the Apple store. Starbucks is giving out coffee and the Apple folks are handing out water and taking movies and pictures. There are currently about 50 people in line. Music is playing in the store which is blacked out with black cloth hanging n all windows.

  • iAngry

    I got an email about my prepaid iPad being delayed because of Flight Delay. Not impressed. You would think they ship it out early enough to reduce incidences like Flight Delay. It was coming out of china and as of 1230 am May 28, it was still sitting in Memphis, TN.

  • K.

    Went to the Apple store at Rideau (Ottawa) this morning. About 50-60 people when I got there (around 7AM) and in and out the store in 10 minutes.

    iPad is in the trunk of the car. Will test drive it tonight at home 😉

  • Kevin

    Is it selling out at Best Buy and Future Shop? I am hoping to grab a 32 MB non-3G today after work in west-end Ottawa….

  • Randy

    Sorry, I posted this originally in the “TELUS plans” thread in error. Could one of the mods please delete from that thread?

    I queued at the Toronto Eaton Centre at about 6:15am this morning. There were maybe 40-50 people ahead of me. I'd say there were over 200 by 8:00am

    The Apple store treated us to Timmie's coffee and doughnuts and all in all, it was a fun experience. I wasn't prepared to camp overnight, or wait half a day, but a couple of hours in line with some very friendly folks was pleasant enough.

    I couldn't believe how many Apple Store staff there were! When they did the run around high-fiving customers, it seemed like there was no end. Had to have been close on 100 staff there. Later, it made sense as every customer was personally escorted in by an Apple Staff member who got them their iPad and set it up. Again, all very friendly and pleasant.

    I got the 64GB 3G version choosing Bell as my carrier. I went straight to work afterwards so haven't had a real chance to play with it. I can't wait to get home and synch it up with my iTunes!!

    I know a lot of people just don't get the fuss over things like this, and there are some pretty nasty comments in the Star's article on the launch, but you know what? It's my money. I worked hard for it, and if I choose to spend it on an iPad or anything else, you have no say in it unless you want to start subsidizing my life in return for be able to tell me what to do. 🙂

  • Anon

    Best buy on cambie in Vancouver was short. I already got my voucher. Told to come back when the store opens at 10.
    They still have 3 or 4 of the 16gb versions. Both wifi and 3g. The 32mb have around 10. There are 30 left for the 64gb.
    The line up is gone essentially

  • Anon

    Oh. Bb has telus microsims. Plans r $20 for 500gb and $50 for 5gb. WTF!

  • vishva

    Protest at Chinese iPad maker Foxconn after 11th suicide attempt this year


    slight fly in the mercury ointment? or the face of humans who dont produce but conspicuously consume to fill the void?with a crippled webos tablet

  • Onetrack

    Picked up a 64GB 3G model this morning from simply computing in Kamloops, walked in when they opened at 9:30 and they had local news in there doing video/pictures and interviewing people. Picked up one for a collegue and myself and walked out the door with them.. no muss no fuss, 10 minutes.. was nice and easy..
    I'd say maybe 20 people max in there this morning.

  • jpraadt

    Seriously, we've all heard this story. While only one suicide is a tragedy, anyone who has actually looked into the facts on this will realize that Foxconn's CITY SIZED manufacturing facilities have suicide rates LOWER than the Chinese average.

    If you want to talk about a fly in the ointment, let it be that of facts and research to your kneejerk stupidity. This is a blog for fans of the iPad, so if you want to bash it, I suggest you go elsewhere. I'm sure there's an android forum that would LOVE to have you.

  • jpraadt

    I'm still waiting for my iPad to be delivered, because apparently there was a bit of a goof-up with FedEx, and I shouldn't be expecting delivery until tomorrow.

    That being said, I booked the day off to wait for the FedEx delivery person, so I headed out this morning to a couple of the local London Drugs stores hoping to get my hands on one. There were no lineups, but their stock was fairly limited. The only accessories were a few off-brand cases, one screen protector, and both styles of Apple iPad dock.

    The staff at the first LD I went to were pretty much clueless, which is par for the course over here, and I was the only one in there. A few people came in to ask about it, but there was no lineup to speak of.

    I went over to the other London Drugs, and fortunately, the staff there seemed to actually know the product, which was refreshing, hehe. About five or six of them sold while I was there, but anyone buying one went straight up to the register, so I was able to play with the display model for about 30 minutes uninterrupted, hehe

    I was exited to get my iPad before, but after using one in-store I realize that it's even cooler than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be pretty amazing. It's snappy, the colours are vivid, and typing on it is much easier than I thought.

    I'm hoping to receive my iPad tomorrow, and am currently on hold with an Apple representative, just to confim (I got a confusing email from apple, and I'm just trying to figure out if I need to do/confim anything before they resume shipping).

    Anyway, I know this is longwinded, but it can't be helped- it's exiting! Congratulations to everyone who was able to get theirs, an I look forward to continue hearing what everyone's thoughts are.

  • jpraadt

    I'm in the same boat (or plane, I suppose). Sucks hardcore that the plane is delayed, but it sounds like they're on the way for delivery sometime tomorrow. Good luck!

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  • Mort

    Well, I am hugely disappointed with PRE-Ordering. Mine is stuck in some transit delay, with no real indication that it has even left Memphis TN. So, I sit here in Victoria, watching others get their iPads at Future Ship, Best Buy, LD…. It's like waking up on Christmas morning, and Santa couldn't get through Canada Customs or something.

  • Ken

    I'm the same here in Vancouver, last night at 8, I get an email from apple saying that the plane had problems and that the Ipad won't be delivered till Saturday. FedEx last night and this morning still say I will get it tomorrow (sat the 29th) after the launch so why did I pre-order….

  • Mort

    I just got a call from FedEx telling me they MIGHT be able to deliver by 10 pm tonight, but otherwise I am out of luck until Monday…. Really hurts….

  • jpraadt

    From what it looks like, it's stuck in Mississauga for me. Tracking info hasn't updated in over six hours. From what I've read, FedEx says it's Apple's fault for trying to get them to hold deliveries, then ship them all at once, causing them to have insufficient planes to send 'em out, but I think that's a little ridiculous. It's impossible to believe that there have been no FedEx planes flying west in the last seven hours.

    I've also heard, that FedEx may be delivering as late as 10 or 11pm tonight, to make up for this F-up, which is great if it comes, but if it doesn't, then I'll have waited around the house all day *and* all night, only to do the same thing tomorrow.

    In Saskatoon, the luddite population is pretty high, so I should have known I wouldn't have to wait in line, and should have just skipped the pre-order altogether. I started optimistic, but now I'm getting irritated.

  • jpraadt

    Until Monday? Did they tell you that? I was under the impression that they'd be delivering on Saturday if they couldn't get them out today.

  • Hyrules

    My delivery time is today by 23:59 and seems stuck at mississauga. I'm starting to worry if fedex will ever show up tonight. The puzzling question is the apple email i receive tell me that fedex will be late and will deliver tomorrow the 29th but fedex representative are saying that there are no deliveries on weekend but on their website there is a saturday delivery. Are they making an exception and will deliver tomorrow even on weekend. I'm confused and praying of seeing the fedex truck this evening.

  • jpraadt

    Just checked in with FedEx, and apparently even though my tracking info hasn't updated since the morning, my package has left Mississauga and is at least as far as Winnipeg. The woman I spoke to told me my best bet would be to call back in the morning.

    Basically, as it turns out, the tracking info on FedEx.com is out of date for some reason, so if you'd like to satisfy your curiosity, you should call FedEx at 1.800.463.3339 (hit option 8, then 0) and ask them to track your package- maybe it's just around the corner?

  • jpraadt

    Perhaps it's just because I'm in Saskatoon, but it seems it's uncertain by all involved (Apple, FedEx and myself) that nobody has any idea when these friggin' things are showing up, or even where the heck they are. Normally I'm pretty patient, but this is ridiculous. I took the day off work, and now I'm starting to feel like Apple and FedEx have put me on house arrest all day today, possibly tomorrow, and maybe even Monday. This is just ridiculous.

  • Reginald

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