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iPad Launch Date in Canada: April 24th?

by on March 29th, 2010

We know that Apple is launching their iPad on April 3rd in the USA. Recent news revealed that pre-orders are sold out and the next batch of iPads are coming April 12th. What about Canada though? Apple explained International iPad availability will come in ‘late April’.

April 24th Black Out Date For Apple Store Employees in Canada?

We were contacted by a source with close ties to the Apple Store that the weekend of April 24th has been marked as a “black out period” for staff. This means no employees are allowed to book this day off. If that’s the case, then it would make sense that this indeed would be the launch date for the iPad in Canada. Anytime there’s a “black out period” you know it’s for something big.

What About iPad Pre-Orders for Canada?

The USA was able to pre-order the iPad on March 12th, three weeks (plus a day) before the April 3rd launch. If Canadians are going to get a chance to pre-order the iPad, we would assume a similar timetable. Three weeks before the (supposed) April 24th launch date is April 3rd. My prediction is that Canada will be able to pre-order the iPad on Friday, April 2nd–the day before the US launch. Hey, at least you can still pre-order your invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG for 20% off!

When do you think the iPad will be launched in Canada? Does the April 24th launch date seem plausible? Mark your calendars, folks. 😉

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