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iPad In 2011: What Will It Bring?

by on January 2nd, 2011

2011 is here! That only means one thing for iPad users: What’s next?

The next iPad is what’s next!

iPad 2

2011 is the year of the second-generation iPad, or iPad 2, so what will it bring this Spring 2011? Let’s take a look at some possibilities:

Higher Resolution Display

There have been many rumors about the iPad receiving a higher resolution or OLED screen. Many are expecting a Retina Display to show up, but reports indicate that may be too pricey.

Time will tell but a Retina Display would be very awesome on iPad 2!

Thinner Design

Rumors say iPad 2 will be thinner and resemble the iPod touch more than any other device. The current iPad is quite comfortable to hold right now, but hands can become fatigued after a long time of holding the device.

Will a thinner device be easier to hold? It might be lighter! We’ll know soon enough.

Larger Speaker

I like the speaker on the current iPad but recent leaked case rumors point to a larger speaker. Will such a speaker be useful, maybe.

A larger speaker would definitely turn the iPad into a better stereo system!

Faster Processor

We all like speed! In 2011, Apple may release a faster and smaller A4 (A5?) chip that will blow the current iPad out of the water!

A new chip may even rival the current MacBook Air, making the iPad the ultimate portable machine!

Front & Back Cameras

The iPhone 4 received a front-facing camera which was then followed by the iPod touch and soon the Mac. All that’s left is the iPad. Will the iPad get a front-facing camera in 2011? Of course!

As for the back-facing camera, that one is still unknown. How feasible is a back-facing camera on the iPad? Holding it would seem awkward but maybe it’ll work out.

Larger Storage Options

More space is always better. Current iPad models are available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. 2011 may see the 16GB drop in favor of a 128GB model!

Of course, prices will be adjusted accordingly as the old 16GB price becomes the new 32GB price.

The other question is, will the current iPad stick around like the iPhone 3GS?

3G For All!

As we get more Internet connected, we want more flexibility! 2011 iPad devices could all feature 3G!

Only three of the current iPad models feature 3G with WiFi and the other three models are WiFi only. So 2011 could see all models getting 3G and then users activate whenever they want!

This could also mean instead of six different iPad models that we had in 2010, we could have only three in 2011

What are your iPad 2011 predictions?

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