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iPad Guitar Made from: iPhone, Android, iPod touch, and Lego

by on March 15th, 2011

With the latest release of GarageBand for the iPad and iPad 2, new possibilities have surfaced as to how the make the most of this cool app. Over at Mr. Hay’s Technology, he’s taken things to another level by making an iPad Guitar out of an iPhone, Android phone, iPod touch, and iPad. Here was his inspiration:

On episode 1422 of Buzz Out Loud, JC from San Diego suggested an iPad guitar with iPhones as frets. I only had one iPhone lying around, so I had to use my Android phone and my old iPod Touch. I used Lego for the neck, since Mega Bloks are a little bit big.

Take a look at this iPad Guitar, probably the coolest use of the iPad I’ve seen so far:

This current build was an improvement on his two previous guitars, built out of Mega Bloks with his kids:

Here’s version 2:

Future ideas include making a wooden carving for the guitar. We wish Mr. Hay the best of luck, and to keep us updated! Where are the jams though? 😉

[Mr. Hay’s Technology]

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  • Anonymous

    Creativity using iPad 2 has already started. With the iPad 1 they were able to make Christmas songs, now with GarageBand they’ll be able to create way more. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • Maybe I’ll try to get some video footage of people jamming on it, especially if I get around to making a wooden one.

    @mgs911 That’s actually GarageBand on an original iPad, no iPad 2 yet.