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iPad E-Book Bestsellers To Sell For Less Than $10?

by on February 18th, 2010

When Apple debuted the iPad, one of the killer apps was iBooks and the iBookstore where users could download reading material right on the device.

However, Apple also set out to increase the price target to over $12 – $15 for selling bestseller books, when traditional book sales cost approximately $9.99 from companies such as Amazon and their Kindle. However a new report indicates that not all publishers will be following the higher price model.

According to The New York Times, Apple is in ongoing negotiations with book publishers to raise the price of books but only as an option. In other words, the iPad bestseller book price of $12 – $15 would represent a price ceiling or the price that a title cannot exceed.

Apple inserted provisions requiring publishers to discount e-book prices on best sellers — so that $12.99-to-$14.99 range was merely a ceiling; prices for some titles could be lower, even as low as Amazon’s $9.99.

The obvious move by Apple here is to have the flexibility to lower prices if need be. A title that starts as $15 could drop to $12 on a bestsellers list.

As Apple has moved to increase book prices, publishers have seen success in forcing Amazon to agree to higher prices for new hardcover bestsellers. Amazon previously had a $9.99 book price model and that is expected to increase to $12 – $15 by the iPad launch.


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