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iPad Development Was Hidden From Eric Schmidt

by on April 13th, 2011

Even massive corporations sometimes have dramatic episodes! For example, Apple and Google.

According to Steven Levy’s new book, “In the Plex”, Steve Jobs hid the development of the iPad from Eric Schmidt who at the time was Google’s CEO and on Apple’s board of directors. Apparently, Jobs was extremely angry when he saw Android’s pinch to zoom features during a visit to Google HQ.

Jobs was angry because he felt that Android was ripping off the key features of the iPhone, and wondered why Google was getting into the phone business when Apple didn’t get into the search business.

In 2009, when competition between Apple and Google in the mobile space heated up, Schmidt was forced to step down from Apple’s board. A few months later, Apple announced the iPad.

But things could be more complicated than they seem. The first Android device, the G1, launched in September 2008 without the pinch to zoom feature. Then in February 2010, Google added pinch to zoom via a software update for the Nexus One. During this time, various Android resellers also added pinch to zoom on their own.

Former Engadget editor Nilay Patel wonders if Apple threatened Google with a patent lawsuit, which may have forced Google to remove the pinch to zoom feature from the G1 device. If true, then something changed leading up to February 2010 that allowed Google to use the pinch to zoom feature in the Nexus One.

Drama, drama.

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