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iPad Banned at Yankee Stadium

by on May 25th, 2010

Are you a sports fan who enjoys watching baseball and perhaps the World Series? New Yorkers are proud of their Yankees but now can’t bring their iPad into the Yankee stadium.

In an effort to stay consistent with policies aimed at keeping anything that will “affect the safety of Yankees Stadium occupants/property,” the powers that be are now saying that they don’t want the tablet in-stadium during a game.

The stadium’s security policy explicitly disallows “laptop computers” from entering the facility. And, seeing as how the iPad will probably be sitting in your lap during a Yankees game, it has been included as part of the ban.

Recently, at a game against the Boston Red Sox, a woman who was carrying her iPad was turned away by the security staff at the gate. Unfortunately, this lady was one of the unlucky ones. Despite the official security policy that allows officials to pat you down and look through your belongings in search of banned items, there are anecdotal reports of iPads making it inside the stadium. If you’ve got a loose-fitting jacket or some monstrous pockets on your blue jeans, you might be able to smuggle the tablet inside.

I guess the stadium deserves a more heightened security level than National Security because the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) previously announced that the iPad is streamlined for its journey through the airport security screening process in the US. The TSA has notified their personnel that, unlike a traditional laptop computer, all travelers are allowed to keep the tablet inside its case or bag on its way through the X-ray scanner.

What do you think? Is this ban justified? Do you think the iPad is at threat to the occupants or property at the Yankee stadium?


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