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iPad App Developers Working Furiously for Launch

by on February 16th, 2010

When Apple announced that the iPad would be available in 60 days, you have to wonder, “why 60 days?”. Well, one reason is probably due to the fact that this gives iPad developers enough time to create a plethora of innovative apps in time for the device’s launch.

The New York Times developed their iPad app within three weeks. Other companies are not jumping at the chance to cash in on the next best app for the iPad. 2ergo is one company that is a leading developer that is helping other corporations join the fun.

Colin McCaffrey, the product director at 2ergo has this to say about the iPad:

“I believe the iPad will be about sitting in front of the TV whilst watching TV, browsing a ‘magazine’…It will switch on in a second, you’ll be straight in to your content – it will be almost exactly like a magazine that you pick up from the coffee table.”

This is the whole premise of the iPad. It’s there for you to use it when you need to look up something on the web, or send that email, or to read a book. Its instant on ability will captivate many people with the speed and grace of the iPhone OS.

Another example is the OmniGroup, the makers of OmniFocus and other productivity applications. They stated on their company blog that they are working hard to port their apps over to the iPad:

The OmniGroup definitely “gets” what the iPad is intended to do:

Remember how Macintosh was intended to be the computer “for the rest of us“? That’s what we feel Apple’s iPad is: the best computing device for most of the things people use computers for. (Or, as Apple puts it, “the best way to experience the web, email, and photos.”) It’s the computer people can sit down and start using immediately, without training, whether they’re 2 or 92.

Like with the iPhone App Store, the first round of apps released were the ones that made significant amounts of money. For iPad developers, the race is against the clock to produce polished iPad apps in time for the device’s launch in late March.

What are some apps that you would like to see on the iPad?

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