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iPad 3G Network Speed Test: Rogers vs Bell vs Telus

by on June 7th, 2010

The iPad’s launch in Canada has been quite successful so far according to your latest opinions on the device. I already told you my review of the iPad but what I haven’t touched on is which network is best for iPad 3G users? We have covered the iPad 3G plans from Rogers, Telus and Bell. As for which carrier to go with, that comes down to your personal preference.

However, the differences can be as follows:
– Bell and Telus have the newest 3G network that is not as saturated as Rogers
– Rogers customers can activate their data plans right on the iPad; Bell/Telus users are required to call in to activate their data plans
– Poor experiences with either Rogers/Bell/Telus will easily make you switch to another carrier

Personally, I think iPad 3G users should choose the network that has the best coverage, the fastest speeds and a decent price (oh, if only it was that easy). One big issue that hasn’t been talked about much is network speed. This is where all you iPad 3G users will chime in to share your networks speeds based on your location/carrier! What provider did you go with for your iPad 3G?

How to Test your iPad 3G Network Speed

1. Download the free Speedtest.net iPhone app onto your iPad.
2. Run the speedtest over 3G on your iPad. Once you have your results, inform us in the comments by copying and pasting the following template:

Location: Vancouver (insert your own city)
Carrier: Rogers/Telus/Bell (choose ONE network)
Download speed: 3.5mb/sec (insert your speed)

This ought to be interesting to see which areas and networks get the fastest speeds for the iPad 3G!

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