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iPad 3G Network Speed Test: Rogers vs Bell vs Telus

by on June 7th, 2010

The iPad’s launch in Canada has been quite successful so far according to your latest opinions on the device. I already told you my review of the iPad but what I haven’t touched on is which network is best for iPad 3G users? We have covered the iPad 3G plans from Rogers, Telus and Bell. As for which carrier to go with, that comes down to your personal preference.

However, the differences can be as follows:
– Bell and Telus have the newest 3G network that is not as saturated as Rogers
– Rogers customers can activate their data plans right on the iPad; Bell/Telus users are required to call in to activate their data plans
– Poor experiences with either Rogers/Bell/Telus will easily make you switch to another carrier

Personally, I think iPad 3G users should choose the network that has the best coverage, the fastest speeds and a decent price (oh, if only it was that easy). One big issue that hasn’t been talked about much is network speed. This is where all you iPad 3G users will chime in to share your networks speeds based on your location/carrier! What provider did you go with for your iPad 3G?

How to Test your iPad 3G Network Speed

1. Download the free Speedtest.net iPhone app onto your iPad.
2. Run the speedtest over 3G on your iPad. Once you have your results, inform us in the comments by copying and pasting the following template:

Location: Vancouver (insert your own city)
Carrier: Rogers/Telus/Bell (choose ONE network)
Download speed: 3.5mb/sec (insert your speed)

This ought to be interesting to see which areas and networks get the fastest speeds for the iPad 3G!

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  • I did not have to call in to Telus to activate my iPad plan. The micro SIM card was picked up at Future Shop on launch day and a contract was signed (yes there was a contrat to sign) on sight.

  • Location: Charlottetown, PEI
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 3.3mb/sec

  • Loaction: Vancouver
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 3.6 Mbps

    Chose Bell 'cos no Rogers sharing at leat not yet and in Vancouver 104 Bell WiFi hotpsots vs 3 Rogers so if need to do big download can go into any of the 2 Starbucks per block for free Bell WiFi.

  • Why was there a contract? Didn't think any carrier forced contracts for iPad? But yes futureshop, best buy, and the apple store all had activation in store for the carrier of your choice if you bought the SIM from them. In fact, Best Buy charged $0 for SIM if bought iPad from them but as I had bought iPad in the states prior month on launch, I was charged $9.99 for the SIM that should be free.

  • Robin T

    Location: Montreal
    Carrier: Telus
    Download speed: 5.5 mb/s

    Quite fast really!

  • Sean D. Evans

    Location: Waterloo, ON
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 1.62 Mbps

  • Josh

    Location: about 100km north of Fort McMurray, AB (used the Edmonton test server)
    Carrier: Bell
    Download: 4346 kbps
    Upload: 259 kbps
    Ping: 227 ms

  • Michel Robichaud

    Date: 2010-06-05
    Time: 17:12:50
    Location: St-Lambert (South shore of Montreal)
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 5.01 Mbps
    Upload speed: 0.35 Mbps
    Ping: 237 ms

    Bought my iPad at Future Shop on Ste-Catherine in Montreal last Wednesday. Was looking for a 64 Gig 3G model, but they only had ont 32 Gig left so I picked it up. They were out of Bell Micro-sim cards so I had to buy one for $10 at another location.

    Activation over the phone was easy and friendly, and it cost me $39.20 for 5 Gigs all taxes in.

  • Location: Calgary
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 4.0 mb/s

    I went to a Rogers Plus store and they gave me a free Micro Sim.

  • Dude

    Location: Brampton
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 2.93mb/sec

  • rlubin

    Victoria BC

  • Ari

    Location: Toronto (downtown)
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 2.56 mb/s

    This is close to the Brampton guy using Bell, but faster than the Rogers guy in Waterloo. It seems like the web traffic here in Toronto area is more congested, especially since Rogers is polling > 4 mbs out west. I only went with Bell for the first month since they offered the mobile tv (which is sh*t) plus the rumors of faster speed. Are there any Rogers subscribers in Toronto posting faster speeds? It would be good to know

  • Michel

    Location: Saint-Sauveur, Qc
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 4.99 mb/s

  • Pooya

    Hey Guys,

    Pooya From Toronto,

    Location: Downtown Toronto
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 0.69 mb/sec !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tested it 10 times and thats the highest…

  • Matt

    Location: Calgary
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 1.05 mb/s

    2 Other tests were slower (0.27 , 0.74)

    Not too good I guess.

  • Marco

    Location: Toronto
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 3.12 mb/s
    (varied wildly from test to test)

  • Ryan

    Rogers – Barrie, Ontario (south end) – full 3G reception.

    3368 kbps download
    265 kbps upload

    Not bad – better than what I had guessed.

  • Ryan

    Second test:

    4957 kbps download
    331 kbps upload

  • Ryan

    Third test:

    5796 kbps download
    283 kbps upload

  • Ari

    My speed downtown Toronto is still around 2.5Mb/s on Bell (same as my test posting a few days ago). I'm glad I went with Bell because those Rogers numbers posted below in Toronto are utter sh*t!

    On related matters, I went initially as a trial with the Bell 250MB plan for $15. And in under two weeks, I've already used over 200MB of data. This is from taking it out of the house (and my home WiFi spot) about 4-5 times. It is nuts that I now have to go and upgrade to the $35 for the 5GB plan, when at most I would use 1GB /mo. Are there any “halfway” plans that anyone is aware of?

  • browny75

    7.1 mps with telus in peterborough…I wish my router was that fast!

  • Brent

    Location: Tillsonburg, ON
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 5.78mb/sec
    Upload speed: 0.32
    connected to Kitchener, ON server for test 66km away

  • Pa172

    Location: Burnaby (near Vancouver)
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 4.1 Mbps

  • tc

    Location: Vancouver
    Download speed: 3.5mb/sec

  • Realfortin

    Location: Ottawa
    Carrier: Rogers
    DL: 2.1 mb/s
    UL: .200 mb/s

  • wcs


  • wcs

    Location: Winnipeg
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download Speed: best was 4.20 mbps

  • Mannu Calgary

    Bell and Telus share the same network

  • Roblatour

    Barrhaven (Ottawa) Using Rogers: DL 58kbps, UL 55kbps 🙁

  • Saira

    Test out ur speed at http://speedtest.pk and get other valuable information as well.


  • LaurenRJacobs

    Location: Toronto
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download speed: 2890kbps

  • Terrence McGee

    Location: Toronto
    Carrier: Rogers
    Download: 4.16 Mbps
    Upload: 0.48 Mbps

  • Peter

    0.67 D/L
    0.19 U/L

    …holy sucks, batman.

  • Larry Foster

    Location: Toronto, ON Nexicom Inc.
    Carrier: Rogers 3G
    Download Speed: 1.40 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.21 Mbps
    Ping: 415 ms

  • ZeeBee

    Location: Calgary
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 1.41 Mbps

    Went with Bell because the Rogers App to activate my iPad would not work and Rogers customer service would not help/referred me to Apple. My iPhone is currently on Rogers and the speed test was 1.07 Mbps

  • Hotspotter

    I have spent the last six months using a Rogers sim card in my IPad. I travelled right across Canada to Nova Scotia back to Fort Mcmurray. It was amazing the number of areas where I had no service and my wife’s Telus phone worked fine. Back in Mcmurray I have been using the Speed test program to see how Rogers service was around town. Service was inconsistent at best. Now I am with Telus and the difference is amazing, much faster download speeds. On the down side Rogers has excellent technical support for IPad, The Telus support person told me they have nothing but basic training on IPad. Despite that I am still sold with Telus

  • Scott

    Location: St. Paul, AB
    Carrier: Telus
    Download: 5.86 Mbps

    Decent for a small farming town!

  • Skidoo

    Yeah, Rogers was there first, but Bell has better range. Can’t even get my rogers service to work 100 miles north of Vancouver, while Buddy with Bell is able to get a connection no problem.


    Bell wins for now.

  • Tellos

    Location: Whitby, Ontario
    Carrier: Bell
    Download speed: 3.58mb/sec

  • Juan

    I am about to give up waiting for Rogers to fix my three times escalated activation issue. I spent hours and hours on the phone with Rogers, they promised to call me back in 48-72 hours, what they did – with no fix.

    I will just shred Rogers’ SIM card and pick up a Bell card in Future Shop, have it activated before I leave the sales rep’s desk.

  • great posT!

  • Nathan

    Location: Etobicoke, ONT (beside Toronto)

    Carrier: Rogers

    Download Speed: 5.51 Mbps

    Upload Speed: 2.50 Mbps

    Connected to Oakville Ontario Server

  • Bell is great! It has greater coverage than Rogers. But if Rogers can have much coverage in the near future then I will go back to Roger since it is faster than Bell here in our place.

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  • Jclc9

    Fido at Vancouver

    Speed 3.98 download
    Upload speed: 0.98

    Tested with speedtest.

    I was in a bus moving tho

  • Glopalnet-freeservice

    Bell, north York

    Download: 2.17
    Upload: 1.72

  • palwasha khan

    rogers is working best in canada ontario

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